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Summer Vacation coming to an end



Yes, it is happening...summer vacation coming to an end for my kiddo. School starts on Aug 30th. Seems strange (just like AZ, to start school on a Thursday rather than a Monday). Crystal and I will be on our own. It's not like I haven't been in this position before but I think it's different as we're in the house. Since we've moved, I've gotten used to having her here with me. But, all will be fine - I'll continue to use caution on the steps.


Bro dearest took kiddo clothes shopping for school clothes on Friday (8-24) After shopping they went to lunch and brought me home a nacho salad (quite yummy)


We had elevated temps, dew point, and humidity this week - it felt like 97 on Friday. I was grumpy to say the least.


On the plus side, and definitely plus side, we received our bedroom furniture on Tuesday. I have a king size bed and Kiddo has a queen. We each received nightstands and chest o drawers. The furniture is blonde wood - all drawers are on wheeled tracks - easy for me to access. Kiddo was concerned the queen would not fit in her room - there is plenty of room for all the furniture. My room is definitely a master bedroom - I still have oodles of open space in there. The guys also brought a sofa, loveseat, and chair for the family room. Later she carried the chair to her room to sit at her desk.


Today Kristi and Bro are off doing a good dead - his closest and dearest friends are getting new carpeting and kiddo and Bro are part of the preparation crew. As for me...I'm loving the cooler weather today and looking forward to Steeler Preseason Football.


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Glad your furniture arrived :) I'm sure it is feeling more homey and as you add your little touches more so.


Glad Bro (Uncle) got kiddo shopping for school clothes and supplies.


My grandson that moved to Eastern WA starts school on Thursday I think. A week earlier than this side of the mountain.


His first football game is Friday.


Well cooler weather should be there soon.. And all the beautiful Fall colors.



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Kids going back to school always used to signal the end of summer for me. And a change of routine too as most things fun things got put off to the weekend when everyone was home.


Glad you have your furniture now and you can each relax in your own space.



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donna, the furniture sounds very nice and i'm sure it helped to fill up some space in your bedroom,so it sounds like the house is starting to look like home,huh. i bet kiddo is so happy she got to go school shopping, that's important to a teenage girl. especially since she is at a new school. they have to look good, don't you know,lol. i truly understand about being by yourself during the day, it can be lonely since you have had her around for the summer. if crystal is like my critters, she is alot of company to you. please be careful with the stairs, though. if you get real bored or lonely give me a call. take care my friend

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glad you are getting into e=rhythm of life and away from ugliness of ur mom's tactics. furniture does sound great, isn't it people & love among family who lives there home, and your house has become your home now. really pray for Kristi to find best frends here in PA too such that she starts loving east coast like you do.


have fun watching steelers.




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Hi Donna,


What a summer you two have had! And now, life in Pittsburg is really starting. Kristi is starting a whole new segment of her life- and this is a perfect time to do it. Most likely, students won't know every other student because they come from different Junior High schools, so Kristi will at at home as far as knowing everyone - well in her case anyone. She will do great.


It was nice of your brother to take her shopping and to lunch, making it especially nice and Ma got some goodies brought to her.


The furniture sounds great. I miss the big bed I had. It did not make it up here but I will get the same- a King Size Bed headboard with 2 singles attached.That way, I can use sheets of both sizes, but actually use singles. I like to sleep catty corner and with my little girl as a bedmate, now, I'm hugging the edge and half off it. She sleeps across the bed. Good thing she is a chi, but it is amazing how those little dogs can stretch out on a bed.


As Asha said. home is where loved ones are and although the furniture is great, it's not needed for happiness (LOL! just comfort)


Do be careful of the stairs. I guess you can't use themethod I had to use when I hurt my good leg a couple of months ago. I "walked" the stairs on my rear end. I was hopimh, some of it would get bounced off, but that didn't happen.......... :roflmao:


Oh, almost forgot...........Go Steelers! [/size][/size]as long as they aren't playing the Dolphins :big_grin:



































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hip hip hooray for furniture. kids hear start school in morning. you will be fine, you know how to be cautious and this may feel new but you will soon be in the new groove, i will pray kiddo gets settled quickly and gets only the best.

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