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Mum has arrived!



The latest great news is that mum from New Zealand has arrived! Her trip was uneventful and all is well. Her permanent immigration papers went thru fine and she is now a permanent US resident if she chooses to be so. It took 9 months and about $1,000, but it is done. At the moment we have her here for three months, then back to New Zealand, we'll see from there. She is learning to love Tippy as we do.


Speaking of Tippy, I have to just stand back and admire in awe the miracle of life. Watching her grow from a wee puppy that you could hold in a hand to a fine, big strapping dog of about thirty pounds in just four months is indeed amazing. How you put ordinary dog food in and get such a beautiful animal out is amazing to me. She gets more active everyday. Watching her grow has truely been inspiring to me. After my stroke I had a new appreciation of life, watching her grow has given me even more. We worry and fuss about such small stuff while miracles grow all around us every day.


I don't wish to start a discussion on how all of this happens, we all have our own opinions on that, just be amazed that it does.


Big do'ins at our house tonight. A neighbor lady has all of her family here this week. Lesley and mum are firing up the oven for the first major pizza making do. The BBQ will also be going. I suspect some bread may come out of the oven as well. Yum!


Went fishing alone yesterday. The wind finally blew me and my canoe off the water. Fishing was poor, nearly impossible due to the wind. Only one bass and one walleye to show for a lot of effort and a few bumps and bruises for the effort. Coming out at night a rock jumped out in front of me and down I went. Ice on the hip when I got home stopped the swelling, much better today. Oh well, not every trip will be like last week.


Lesley and mum are busy getting ready for tonight, I am resting, licking my wounds from yesterday. A nap is likely in order soon, not much else.


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Greetings to Mum. I'm sure you will all enjoy the feastivities including the pizza and barbeque. When you have the opportunity, we need an updated pic of that sweet Tippy. It is a miracle how the generally nasty smelling food that is consumed works to create such a beautiful animal.

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Hi to the Kiwi Bird's Mum and hope it was all good eating at the BBQ. Our day was nice today, temps gradually rising so a good day to attack some of the weeds in the garden.


I'm glad you have gone back to being able to fish alone. I know the difference it makes if you are the kind of person who likes your own company. One of the things I miss now looking after Ray is simply being by myself for a while. Pre-stroke we lived a lot of our time in separate pursuits, now we are always together..


Give Leslie's mum a good time in your wonderful part of the world and she'll want to come more often. Just enjoy being part of an extended family.



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