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A day of rest finally!



Ahhhhhh, a day of rest. Working where I can on the oven has indeed been a lot of work. The mason is to come back this week to finish the chimney now that the roof is on. It is not complete, but is now covered with tar paper. Should have it completed in a few weeks. I built a wooden platform in front so we will not have to stand on the gravel and dirt (or snow soon). The thermometer is installed and working. The first bread, scones, and pizza have come out of it and all were yummy. Lesley has started a bread mixture, and we have jars fermenting all over the kitchen. Hopefully we will have the plumbing done downstairs soon, and all of this can move downstairs. Putting in the heat sensors and thermometer with associated wiring was a challenge, but great therapy. Eleven bags of insulation went into the top and sides before the roof was put on. Whew! Glad that is done! The oven really holds it's heat though, so the insulation was worth it. More wiring to be done so we can eliminate the extension cord, all in due time. I have installed outdoor lights for night use, they will be needed soon as our days are shortening here with fall rapidly approaching. I get tired after a few hours of work, so my work days are short, but little by little it is getting done.


I have just had probably my best day of fishing ever this past week. My main fishing buddy and I were planning to fish Lake Superior for Salmon, but decided it was too windy. Neither of us have a death wish, so we went elsewhere less windy. I have caught bigger bass, but just barely. The size of these was exceptional for this area, and the quantity as well. What really topped off the day was after we both had our legal limit of bass, we then started catching walleyes, a prized fish up here. I had just reached the limit on bass when I got another good bite. I told my friend "this must be a walleye since I can't catch anymore bass". It was! We continued fishing and the walleye continued biting. They also were of good size. All in all, a great day of fishing, even though some much needed rain poured down on us. we didn't mind a bit.


I don't think or talk much about my having a stroke anymore. I just live my life as best I can. Within my limitations, I have learned to do most of what I want to do. My workdays are shorter, as are the fishing days, I still don't do well on ladders, strength is not what it used to be, left hand dexterity still leaves a bit to be desired, and the left foot still drags when I get tired or don't think about it. I fell in the woods the other day walking Tippy, a rock jumped out and tripped me. No damage done, Tippy and I resumed our walk as soon as I was able to get up.


Speaking of Tippy, the little devil has discovered our red raspberries. I usually go out in the morning and pick some. We have large patches growing wild all over our property. There are few low hanging ones left. Tippy just marches in and helps herself. The other day we both saw a nice one, she beat me to it. She is pretty fussy, and only eats the really ripe ones.


I have rather gotten away from writing all my positive thinking stuff and now am just trying to demonstrate it by living it, rather than just talking about it. Life is short, live it to the fullest! Time for a rest now, more another time.


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Wish I could have been fishing with you. It sounded like a great trip out with lots of fish. Fishing used to be my business, and I miss it sometimes. No walleye in CA, but bass we have. Used to fish for Striped Bass in SF Bay, and bass in the local lakes.


I was up on Lake Superior last year, and I am reminded how much it looked like the ocean on a windy day. A good lake to stay off of in inclement weather I am sure.



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Congrats on the progress you are making on the oven - makes my mouth water as you describe all that will be baked in it.


Glad to hear fishing expeditions are also going well.


I bet Tippy looks cute plucking berries of the bushes. How smart she is to know the ripest ones to pluck.


Glad to hear that all is going well and you are progressing and living life to the "safest" max

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George, it is good you just blog about every day life now. It is good to hear there are so may positives in your life now.


I blog the stroke stuff as it is in the acute phases and then level out to what we did this week too. I think that is what a blog is for.


Nice fishing, I'd have liked to have been there with you on that expedition.



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