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Congratulations to Dickons!



Just a short note to congratulate Dickons on impending marriage. The wedding will be almost due east of us several hundred miles. That is a beautiful part of Ontario, the wife and I passed thru there a few years ago. Dickons, if you and new hubby are looking for a neat place to spend a few days, come on over and meet Tippy. We are due west of where you will be, just past Thunder Bay.


The oven for Lesley is nearly done. The mason has finished the outside bricking, now we must wait a week or so, then I will put on the roof and install the thermometers. I have assembled all the materials I need, just waiting for the mortar to set on the bricks, and a few days rest. Mixing mortar by hand for the mason was hard work! I am pooped! Lesley mixed her share and even layed one brick, just to make her mark. Pictures will follow when all is complete.


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hey George:


I bet that first loaf of bread will be awesome, can't wait to see pictures of oven & does your open invitation extends to all other strokenet members too.




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