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More routine living from the North Country



Haven't blogged for awhile, so a quick update on life up north. I left you last entry with my friend and I heading to our secret lake full of anticpation of a great day of fishing. Not to be. We got there OK, my friend caught two nice walleyes right away, and we licked our chops looking forward to a day of fast fishing. Then a thunderstorm popped up, lightening chased us off the lake. We went ashore, got away from the aluminum canoe, and waited it out. Storm ended, we went back to the hot spot, and nothing! The depth finder still showed many fish there, but guess the storm gave them lockjaw, no interest in feeding. We had an electric motor on the canoe, so searching for them was easy, but also fruitless. We did catch many small pike, but no more walleyes to be had. Several more storms came and went, but the fish never regained their appitite. Oh well, that's fishing.


Went to another lake on my own a few days ago and sprained my ankle carrying gear on the rough trail. Been wearing my AFO the last few days since. I must admit it helps. I will probably wear it in the woods from now on, and will likely not go too far alone again. My favorite lake is just a bit too much of a trip for me alone, so probably won't make it there this year.


Have started exercising with the Bowflex again, I need to regain more upper body strength to properly carry the canoe. Because of the sprained ankle, the leg exercises are on hold.


Lesley is sleeping, just got off a night shift, two more to go, then a break. The dogs are sleeping with her for now. She is anxiously awaiting the completion of her brick oven and the arrival of her mom next month. I finished making the door for the oven last week. She does not know it, but I ordered a new hard sided greenhouse for her yesterday. She loves her gardening, and with the short summers and cool nights we have here, a good greenhouse is a must. The old, cheap, vinyl one we have probably will not make it thru the winter.


An observation I hesitate to make too much of, but here goes. My main fishing buddy has a nerve problem in his leg and lives with nearly constant pain. Weeks ago, I gave him an article from the Duluth newspaper about an orthopedic surgeon in a hospital there, one of 19 in the country that performs this particular non-invasive pain management treatment. He claims nearly 100% success for those he treats. He is a surgeon in the hospital I spent a week in. If I were still in constant pain I would go to him. Yesterday we were fishing with another guy who is also in constant pain (lower back, siatica). I told him about this dr in Duluth, and asked my friend if he had followed up with him. To my amazement, he answered he just had to start walking more. The message was clear. He is not interested in trying anything else.He has done nothing with the info I gave him, choosing to live with the pain rather than trying another approach. I got the message and will keep my mouth shut from now on. Sorry, but I just have a real hard time understanding why people choose to stay in the rut they are in rather than trying something else when they have the choice. I understand not all have the means or insurance to do everything, but for those that do, I just don't understand the unwillingness to try. I can't save the world, and I guess I'll just quit trying. I'll keep doing what works for me, trying new things if they might help, and get on with my life and let others do the same.


The other day my Dr. told Lesley and I that my recovery has been remarkable. Yes indeed. As I have written before it happened because of many factors, some in my control and some not. It is for sure it did not happen with me sitting on the couch channel surfing. Some of the things I tried did not work. Many did. You will never know until you give it a go.


Sorry for the venting, but I just don't understand some not taking the next step when they have the means to do so.

Anyway, today is a day of rest and watching golf. I worked out the shoulders a bit too hard yesterday, and the left one is telling me about it today. Sometimes I just want things too much and overdo. Anyone else out there guilty of that?


Today is a glorious day outside and I hate to let it get away from me, but guess I will. I need the rest. We are having a cool, sunny summer. Rain has come finally, not as much as we would like, but the 60-70 degree days and 40 degree nights are lovely and have really kept the bugs down this year. Next week I'll hobble thru the woods again with my AFO, seeking fish. Until next time. cheers!


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Hi George. good to hear from you. sorry about the ankle. but glad it is on the med.


Yes sometimes ... we push a little too far. not realizing at the time, but our bodies/minds let us know the next day.


Enjoy your day relaxing.. get an ice pack for your shoulder.. did you see where Tiger and another golfer.. got a couple spectators... OUCH.


Some people may be afraid of trying ... thinking nothing will help.. and they are stuck in a rut. The old saying... "you can lead a horse to water...."


You were trying to help a friend... and that's what friends do. He may have that number or name tucked away and one day pull it out. All you can do is try or pass on information you may feel is useful, what someone does with it is their hands after.



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Hi George,


People sometimes only hear what they want to, I know I am one of them but...I hate pain and if there is something other than more meds I listen. I tried accupunture for my pain across my shoulder and it did help break the cycle so that now I am recognising the signs before it gets too bad.


Next week I will be almost due north of you (Chapleau, Ontario) getting ready to get married. My fiance will be out fishing for pike and pickeral at least a couple of times - he can hardly wait as we do not have them out west.


Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that it will be nice the 4th of August - get Tippy to cross her toes too.






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