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More Positive Week - sorta



Hello Hello....this has been a much more positive week - sorta. Have concerns over my Bro's health. Last weekend he was at a Labor Day party and took a spell where he was unfocused, slurred speech, spiked sugar levels and unable to drive himself home (you're probably thinking the same thing I was). He did not go to ER but went to regularly scheduled doc appt. on Tuesday. Doc yelled at him (as I did) about not going to ER. He's to have oodles of tests done. It is possible this was caused by meds he's taking for bronchitis (at least the spiked sugar levels are a side affect). Other things are also possible, but he just shrugged and joked about my concerns.


The remainder of the week was more positive as only once did I speak to my mother. That's cos she called here and the dummy I am :Whistle: I did not check the caller id first. My darling daughter had called her from her cell phone while walking home from school (said she was bored)...mother wasn't home...returned and called back. Lucky Me!!!! Fortunately, the conversation was short as the battery in the phone was pooping out (I was lucky there :thumbs up: ). Kristi has talked to her since but has not offered for me to talk. Kristi was bugging me last evening to "call my mother" to which I responded "no thank you". Me thinks my "Drama Queen" likes to stir up the pot a wee bit.


Kristi is now officially a sophomore, instead of freshman. I had given the counselor until Wednesday morning to respond to my email. When she didn't I cslled. I promptly advised her that I am a stay-at-home medically retired Mom and can be a pest if necessary to get things resolved. Ironically, the school had just received Kristi's official transcripts from Arizona.

So, problem resolved - YEAH for Pesty Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristi is being better received at school during this past week. She's actually being acknowledged by fellow students. She is still getting adjusted to the surroundings; but...she's coming home in a better mood at least. My niece had graduated from the same school and told Kristi that it took awhile to adjust when she transferred there at the start of her sophomore year.


As for me.....well.....I've had some more movement in the bad ankle and foot - nothing functional yet...but am able to move it around when I don't have the AFO on. I'm also using bad arm (not hand though) to brace bottles as in juice and soda for first time opening. Not pretty, but slowly coming back.


I was rather dumb this past week and had a royal mess to clean up. For lunch one day I decided to heat up a can of chicken soup. The container I was using was a taller one that the whole can would fit into and there was a lid to have for the leftovers (thought it was going to be less fuss lol) As me and "pull-tab" cans sometimes have issues, I used my handy dandy one-touch can opener. It jammed and took me forever to get the can open (had broth to clean up) I had the microwave going and suddenly heard a "thud" as the container fell over. I had one royal mess of broth, chicken, and wild rice to clean up :yikes: . I still had some to eat though I don't know how. And...one-handedly, I got it cleaned up...only trace left behind was that the glass tray and track from in the microwave were still in the drain rack after being washed. I didn't get them put back in the microwave before Kristi got home from school - Busted!!! She also commented lol that the microwave still smelled a bit like chicken soup. Wonder why? :uhm: And my dear sweet child wonders why :Ask: I don't like to cook as I did prestroke. Heck, I'm an accident waiting to happen lol.


Well, today is Sunday - NFL football regular season in motion. Streelers are playing the Browns in Cleveland. Got my Steeler shirt on and my Terrible Towel is ready for swinging :D It's Goooooo Steelers and off I go till next week's update.


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Guest lwisman




It was good to hear that this was a better week.


Congrats on the new movement in ankle and foot. Keep working at it!


Don't get to upset about being messy in the kitchen. I am also messy, but I don't let that stop me. My sister, who I live with, is a bit of clean freak and is always coming behind me cleaning. I finally decided that I could just quit feeling guilty that she is neater in the kitchen than I am. After all, she did not have the stroke! In defense of myself I am much better at not leaving shoes all over the house that she is.


Hope this week is even better for you Kristi and Crystal.

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hey Donna:


great to hear you had great positive week sorta, heres to lot more of them. tell Kristi her Asha Aunty is anxious to find out whether she found any cute guys, so what I m married but I still like to hear romanic stories




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Hi Donna,


I would never have the trouble you did with the chicken soup! Not that I'm so great; I don't like chicken soup. LOL! I have my own problems. I can open a can of soda with a pull tab, and use my good hand to pour it, but I still have some manage to get on the counter. Well, that is what sponges, water etc. are for. yes, a microwave does give you away. My sister made some popcorn and overheated or something and for a while we had the popcorn smell. As Lin said. we have an excuse- but I also leave my shoes around at times. One of the cats and my dog love the smell of my feet and are always after the insides of the shoes, so I put them places where they can't find them and neither can I.


You'd think your brother knowing what happened to you would have been more concerned about his "problem" and maybe knowing that, was trying to avoid what he felt. Yes, sounds suspicious to me but I hope it was the med he is taking.


Glad Kristie is getting more comfortable with the kids at school and another week or so, everything willl be fine. As for she and your mother, well, guess you must make up your mind not to worry about it. The more involved she'll get in school activities and with new friends, the less time she will have for Granny.


As for the Steelers, (LOL! love your shirt and the cheering rag), I'm sure they are doing well. The Dolphin have a tie but they'll fine a way to loose it, I'm sure. I get the reports when the game is on- it's bad enough that way.


So for you: :Clap-Hands: Go Steelers! :Clap-Hands:

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I haven't been around to blog very much recently but when I read your blog, I was so happy to learn you all are settling in at your new digs.


I have no doubts that Kristi will WOW the students at her new school. I'm so glad things are working out for you all.


Pls keep us apprised of your Bro's condition. I hope all goes well for him. Take Care. LK

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hey there girlfriend, sounds like bro needs to listen to his sister,lol i have read that siblings have a higher risk of stroke if one sibling has had one, god forbid. i understand your problems in the kitchen, i go through the same thing, sometimes i figure its safer and cleaner just not to eat, lol. i have thought about many times of complaining to company's how hard the packaging is to get into for handicapped people. the tab opening on products is terrible with only 1 hand. i can magage to get it started but then have to use a towel to grab the sharp edge of it to complete the opening of it, can't risk a cut with all the blood thinners i'm on. most of the time it ends up everywhere. i'm happy kristi is getting better acquainted with things at school. good job mom on getting issues resolved with her transcripts. i hope you continue with many good weeks as things start to settle down.

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