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Life is Cruel Part 2



I find unexpected meetings interesting. I had such a happening today. The % of chances that things like this happen must be very high.


I had gone to the library to a meeting. I almost didn't go; an out of town freind asked about us meeting for lunch and so I was going to miss the meeting- not that it really mattered. I honestly don't know what attracts me to the organization. Our plans changed and I did go to the meeting Some people left right ater the movie they showed end; I stayed until, the final words were spoken and then left although many remained to talk to one another. As I walked outside, I had to cross the driveway to get to my car and a car stopped to let me pass, however the car could have gone; I was over to the side and I thought perhaps the person wanted to make sure I didn't loose my balance which I didn't think was very bad. As I past the car, a women said something and I thought she was asking me something which I couldn't answer, but I stepped back (not recognizing her) and she said something like "you knew the x's". They were the couple I had written about who I had become friendly with from stroke support. The woman was the survivor and her husband was the best caregiver I had known. Perhaps you remember my saying in "part 1" that in December he had surgery for a cancerous brain tumor.


A few months later they decided to move south to be near a son. I forget who had called but I was told that they were leaving the next day. "Y" and I share the same birthday and I sent a e-card and also tried to send emails to them some which weren't returned but I never received an answer. As best I can remember it was April when a called appeared on the answer machine from a male that said, you have my number. The name had been given but it wasn't clear and although my niece also listened to it and I listened numerous timeswe could not figure it out. I could not understand the name. I thought it may have been "Y"s husband, since there aren't many people who's numbers I have. I could not call though because I had misplaced the scrap of paper with the number; I always used the land phone not the cell.


The woman who recognized me (and I didn't know her - I'm so bad about that) had met me when I visited him about 10 days after his surgery in a rehab. The woman, Robyn, had been "Y" caregiver when her husband became ill. At the time I told "y" that now she would have to be the caregiver. Obviously she could not but what I meant and could put it no other way was that she needed to make his life easier in whatever way she could. The one thing that burns me up is when (and my head will be handed to me for saying this, I'm sure) is when people do not try. Most people here do, but there are some who do not - no effort is made. "Y" was like this. Prior to "D's" illness she had made some improvement and I had hopes, but it was not long-lived. When Robyn told me who she was and reminded me of our meeting, I asked her how "D" was; she told me he died August 5th. This man, especially, did not deserve the lousy fate he found. "Y" was a difficult woman and I wonder if she had always been like that or it was from the stroke. I had hoped that the Dr's prediction that he had a very active type of cancer and although they tried to get it all would be wrong. He had the latest treatments of all types but I guess it just wasn't to be.


Robyn also thought that perhaps it had been Dan you called. I'll never know...........but I will never forget this lovely man who's path crossed mine. Dan, I know you are not suffering anymore and are in a better place.

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So sorry to hear about your friend. Life isn't fair at times, is it? It's a shame that the wife/survivor was not really trying to do more for herself. But then again, none of us really knows totally what another is experiencing. Her frame of mind could've been the same pre as well as post - or made worse post. Her hubby experienced a horrible ordeal; Bless him - he is at peace now.

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