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All critters are strange, be they dog or cat. I was just upstairs and discovered Crystal "perched" on Kiddo's chest-o-drawers because there was some reflected sun shining there. She was by all means uncomfortable due to the hard surface plus getting caught by Mom in a silly position. Snooty probably understood what you and your Sister were saying so she was gonna show you both that she was not a wimp LOL

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Maybe your pooch associates the rollator with walking. Years ago, we had an American Eskimo dog that went with our son and his gf on a walk. They walked about 5 miles and Sugar stayed with them. However, they could never coax her into going with them again. She was one of our smarter dogs. :lol: :lol:



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Dogs know more than humans give them credit. I inherited my parents' dog after their death. At the same time, I was falling, much like Alice in Wonderland, into a deep depression.


Mr. Higgins, the dog, did everything in his power to get me up and going. He would come into the room w/ a toy in his mouth and try to make me throw it for him. He would bring the leash in and try to make me take him for a walk and mostly, he would just come in and be really obnoxious to try and get me to pet him. Each time I stopped, he would nudge me until I continued.


My heart melted for that dog. He took really good care of my parents and then he had me to deal with and tried to make me better. Then I had a stroke and I went away for a long time. I fostered him out to a wonderful home with a wonderful lady who had 800 ft of waterfront and she lived out in the country. She was a friend of mine and she had lost her dog the previous summer.


The plan was to bring him w/ me when my son and I found a house. We did but where Mr. Higgins was, was far better than what we could offer him. The lady absolutely loved Mr. Higgins and he was as close to heaven as any dog could be on earth. I decided to give him to Ms. Dorothy. Mr. Higgins had done so much for my parents and for me, I felt he deserved to be in a place where he could swim and not worry about traffic, etc. He had a heart of gold and deserved the best. I miss him.


You friend who says a dog has the brain the size of a walnut does not know dogs. Perhaps their brains are smaller than ours but I daresay, they use what they have far more efficiently than we do. I'm sure Snooty knows what she is doing. Take Care. LK

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phyllis, all animals are smarter than we give them credit for. they have emotions and can be smarter than we are regardless of brain size. they just tend to slow down some as they age as we do. just enjoy the time you have with snooty and pamper them alot, they are our best friends for life. dogs love to walk and its good for them, it relaxes them and makes for a better companion. whether they walk or ride,lol.

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