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Computer Hell!



I have missed my friends in chat! I spent last night in computer hell with an AOL tech. It was awful. :Tantrum: Although I had patience with rehab, I have NO patience with the telephone. Show me a telephone and I go bananas, especially when they atart if such and such, push 2, if so and so, push 3. So when all else failed my sister who I asked to help said you have to call tech help on your cell phone. A double whammo. I don't like listening through my cheek bone on that stupid little phone. I had followed AOL help advice and did what the instructions said to delete aol 8.0 which had been what I used when I purchased my computer from Dell in 2003. It was upgraded a long time ago and I thought it was really dumb to waste space on it- well apparently without it, I lost contact with the network. So after almost 50 minutes and $5.00 on an 800 number (an awful cell system but good enough for emergencies which is why I have one) I was reconnected. So..........I went to eat downstairs and when I came back, my computer was not really fixed. Same thing right over again. Tried aol help (IM) and was disconnected but was sent 5 different way to fix the problem. Then today, my sister asked why I didn't set my computer back in time. (Think this is an XP thing?) Well just now after working at an awful job with the physical problems I get from "stress" (but no stroke signs), I thought it was worth a try and it worked!!!!! So, I'm all go for tommorrows coffee shop chat. Hallelujah!!! :happydance: Right now..........this is me :cocktail: Will tell you of the awful job tomorrow..........


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Modern technology - ain't it grand?? But, when it's working....it's fantastic. Are you running the most current version of java (6.0) and the most current version of your browser? I was a die-in-the-wool user of IE until recently. I was getting bumped off line or "frozen" so much that I finally decided to try Firefox. It's been a blessing. Now, I just get to do battle with my ISP - tech coming today to determine why I keep losing internet connection as well as land-line phone. :Argh: It's hard to stay calm, but not worth the health risks. Hope your problem is resolved dear lady.

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That which does not kill us makes us stronger is a thought well worth keeping in mind when dealing with the wonders of technology.



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