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jon...where have you been??



jon!!!!...great to hear from you!!!!...yup i'm heading home on october 1!!!!...can not wait!!!!

i do have a bone to pick with you...i beg to differ on my 'drastic turnaround' regarding ruth lycke's china connection...i entered the program with a positive frame of mind of course...i was receiving acupuncture in nyc prior to my stroke and pursued it all the more vigorously afterwards...the comprehensive daily tcm care i received in tianjin is not available anywhere in the usa...i'll bet my buttons if it were the cost would be prohibitive, and none of it would be covered by insurance companies...i did endeavor to parse my words carefully as i discovered where the bodies were buried so to speak because i didn't want to turn people off to the value of tcm in stroke rehab... that said, after seeing the outright lies recently added to china connection's website plus learning in the last two weeks that no one i contacted received their refunds, these were people who left the hospital months before i did, led me to a rightfully deserved revised evaluation...china connection gives new meaning to the word disreputable...

we all need to share our experiences of what treatments are being offered to stroke survivors and to do the service of separating out people who are preying on stroke survivors in unethical, immoral ways...sadly, especially by other survivors...

the other point i'll defend that you raised is that chinese people do use western medicine all the time, yes, granted...however they all beat a path to tcm practitioners asap after a stroke...i've literally seen family members carrying their moms and dads to the tianjin hospital for acupuncture and other tcm treatments!...it's value is known and universally accepted throughout china and other parts of asia not only for stroke but for many chronic illnesses that western medicine holds no effective treatments for...


i'm planning to keep this blog open for a while in case updates of interest occur that i'd like to post...what an understatement to say what a journey it's been since my decision to go to kiev in the spring of '06!!!!...very best to all, richxxx


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