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paperwork... :)



I am taking Dave to the VA tomorrow morning to try and get him VA benefits. He has no health insurance and it has been very hard. This may sound silly, but I've been drowning in paperwork all morning and loving it, getting together all the VA papers that are required and that I think might be required, lol. I've made a contact there with a very nice lady, (so far) she told me to bring all paperwork in to her and she would go through it all for us, just to make sure everything is done properly so it will save time with any potential errors. Please say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed that he gets accepted this time.

I am very proud of Dave, he does come to work everyday with me (he owns his own business) He does have a couple of naps throughout the day though on an inflatable air bed we got for him, it is so cute espically when he starts to snore if there are clients nearby.... hahaha I just tell him i had to bring in my puppy cause it's sick. He doesn't feel like he is contributing much though, but like I say to him, just cause you get tired easily and take naps, doesn't mean you are any less smarter. Yeah okay so sometimes you have to think about somethings a bit longer but you still get the answer(s) that I need. I tell him that he is still much smarter than most people that I know, so his brain isn't the computer it used to be muli tasking in 10 different directions.. now I tell him that he is finally like us mortals only able to do maybe 2-3 things at a time..:)

It can get tough trying to keep the house up (ouuu all those leaves that have fallen), keep Daves spirits up, and his business intact, which is not doing so hot :(

...ahhhh but today is a good day anyway, nothing at the moment is bothering me, it feels like I have oodles of energy :happydance:

Well better get back to work before boss comes in and tells me I'm slacking.. hahaha.

thanks all.




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HI Amie, glad you are getting all the paperwork together... once it is done.... you won't have to go through it all again. just a little up date yearly.John, my husband owns a business. at the beginning of my stroke.. John took me to work.. so he could keep an eye on me. (I am not able to return to my former job) he didn't want to leave me home alone. He put a recliner in his office.. so I also took many naps.I got a kick out of the "mere mortal" part.. John tells me the same thing as it is so frustraiting at times to not multi-task and have to sort thru cobwebs ... to find an answer... and then try to get it out before it flees..lolBest of LUCK to you both. Hang in there..:)

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hey Amie:


you are so funny, and sound like my husband who used to tell me same thing about my damaged brain cells boy that had made me feel so good, anytime Dave accomplishes something praiase him that will build so much selfesteem, he is so lucky to have you by his side and if he does not tell thanks enough, I will telll you on behalf of all survivors. I know paperwork is daunting, but keep at it.




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You'll soon have all that paperwork behind you. It's a pain, especially when governmental agencies are involved. That's great that Dave goes to work with you. Not only are you able to look after him, but it's keeping him involved - must keep the brain cells active - helps in the healing process.

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