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Just got back from VA



It seems to have went well. We met with a very nice lady there that accepts the paperwork and puts it in order, dots i's and crosses t's. She did change a few things, said that I was very organized with all the extra paperwork that I had brought even though it was not asked for, like a copy of his credit report, his papers from when he was in the service, list of all prescriptions from Jan 1 to current from the pharmacy with the total cost of them, etc... so please please I pray that he is accepted and gets medical benefits. I don't know what we'll do if he doesn't get them, but I won't let my mind even go there right now.

My heart broke for Dave when we were there, he started to cry when he was talking to the lady. She was so nice about it and just told him, please don't worry it's okay, and that she'd been where he is now before. We are at the office now and he is having a nap the trip seems to have emotionally pooped him out, I wish I could just go and snuggle in with him, but instead i just gave him a kiss and covered him up have him a big hug and yold him I loved him.

We had a couple of laughs on the way home, it seems lately almost every time we come to a stop light the light turns yellow/red and I obviously stop... but I am first in line to get through the next light. Dave teases me and says if I drove a little faster I would get through....hmmm I tell him I would then be last in line to get through... this way I am first in line.. he laughs and keeps telling me that I am silly ... so when the light turns green I say see I AM FIRST IN LINE TO GET THROUGH... hahahah it's somethig silly but it makes him smile and he loves to tease me. <_<

Work is quiet this morning, waiting for an appraisal to come through for a client.... just as well right now I think, I am emotionally drained to.

Dave really is a special man... grumpy at times <_< but still very loving. Except last nite when I just got comfy in bed and started to watch Dancing with the Stars result show, he decides he needs his toe nails clipped... oh YUCK that has got to be the yuckiest thing... I HATE TOES AND FEET :wacko: something about them (even my own) just gross me out, lol. Oh well if its the worst thing I had to do yesterday that it's not bad. :)


Well I guess it's time to stop procrastinating and get some work done......

hugs to all, Anne



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hey Anne:


I love your name and I will keep you in my prayers for your medical benefits to get it approved, though I strongly believe if something did not go my way its because something better is going to come along. It's such a great characterstics of you to be able to laugh at oneself, you both are lucky to have each other in your life. Dave must feel immensely blessed to have you in his life. your sense of humor will take you long way.


I love reading your blog.




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You both got through the paperwork filing ordeal. I'm glad the lady was helpful. It is dynamite that the 2 of you have a great sense of humor. They say laughter is the best medicine.


It's a good thing, for me, that I am am able to manuever and cut my own toe nails. My daughter, like you, hates feet and toes :rolleyes: I can't even get her to assist with finger nail clipping either - that is trickier for me to accomplish but thankfully I'm able to get it done.


Hope you hear good news from VA quickly.

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I love to laugh and try to see the bright side of every situation... Usually I try and get Davids daughter when she comes over every week or two to give him a pedicure... oh i just sit there and laugh so hard while she is on the floor filing, buffing and cutting the nails and sometimes they fly up and hit her on the cheek.. I told her to close her eyes after she gets the clippers where they need to be.. but just for a giggle I got her a pair of goggles to wear for next time... heheheh she really does do a terriffic job.

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