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No more ot...



Well my occupational therapy is done. My insurance only allowed me a month to go to ot and because of my classes schedule, I could only go twice a week without missing class so, its over. While there, I got the brace for my hand, the splint for my wrist, and my therapist taped my fingers and shoulder for a couple of ays. I learned how to put my hand in my pocket and brush my teeth without having to place the toothbrush on the counter. I kind of didnt like the ot though. Every Tuesday and Thursday I had to wake up at 7am to get ready for an hour of pain. My therapist stretched my wrist and hands in ways they haven't been stretched in years. One day I even told her my hand gives me more plain than pleasure because it wont help me but it causes so much pain just to get the muscles lose. I tried to wear my splint every 2 hours at home but it hurted so bad I could not keep it on for long. Its kind of a lose/lose situation in a way. The longer I wear the splint, the longer I have to endure pain but the more I wear it, the less painful it will become. Get it? Well anyway I guess its all up to me to get my hand better now. I have been wearing my brace day and night to keep my wrist straight but as for the splint, it is just too much of a hassle. I hate having to stop what I am doing in class to try and get the splint on because it takes me a good 5 -10 minutes then the velcro straps don't even stay because my wrist always pops back up. Fall break is coming up on a couple of weeks so I will be starting the baclofen Then I have an appointment with my pain management doctor on the 16th so hopefully he wont be mad that I didn't take the baclofen while going to the therapy.


In other news, I am doing great in scool. I made a 100 on that math test I mentioned in my last entry and I think I did pretty well on the math test I had yesterday. I also made an A on a very tough criminal justice test so I am proud of myself for not letting the "party" atmosphere influence my grades.


Also, yesterday I shared my testimony with so many people! I had to go to an eye doctor and there I met some people in the waiting room who noticed my brace and asked what is wrong. You should see the look on people's faces when I say I had a stroke. Then when I tell them my age right now THEN when I tell them the age I had the stroke. It's like their mouth drops more and more. The opthamologist was even amazed at my story. Later, I went to an advisor of the Individuals with Disabilities club and after telling him my story, he allowed me to share it with everyone who walked in his office. He also wants me to tell my story on his tv show which comes on a local community channel here and I might be Miss Individuals with Disabilities and ride in the Homecoming parade! :laughbounce: Well that's all I can think of for now. Sorry I am not as active in the message board. I browsed through the topics today and I wish I had the time to reply to each of them! I have to get ready for class now Bye


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Hi there dear college girl. Sooooooo proud of you :Clap-Hands: :happydance: for your fantastic grades!!!!!!! It is so good to hear you are being accepted and acknowledged for what you have endured and what you are enduring.


And to possibly ride in the Homecoming Parade. Hope someone takes pics that you can post for your "Aunties" and "Uncles" to see :D


You've got your priorities set there girl - you're having fun but still concentrating on your studies. Hey, how was the date???? Us nosey ones haven't gotten an update from then.


With regard to your splint - remember the saying - no pain, no gain - it applies to us all hon.

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you are ine busy girl with calenar all filled up, I am so happy for you that your school grades you have kept up, remember education will open up ton of opportunities for you, you are alreadyopular miss disability who inspires kids as well as adults.



how did your date go BTW. don't rush into things, good things happen tp people who wait :)





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Ditto what the others have said- great grades and possibly "riding in the homecoming parade" Wow! I am impressed. Hope you do get it and are photographed and give your nosey Aunts and Uncles a peek.


Rushing to Friday night chat before all the food and drink is gone.


Granny Phyllis

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GUUUURL! yOU ARE SO AWESOME! I hope you get to ride in the homecoming parade. I was homecoming canidate in my High School Sophomore and Senior years. Won the Homecoming Princess but not the Queen...I really didn't care about that kind of stuff but it was fun riding in the cars and waving to everybody. And keeping the crown that my daughter later used for Halloween costume as a princess years later...LOL! That would be fun for you! Bravo on the grades!

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