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im a social butterfly!



Wow its 12:30am and I still have work to do and a math test to study for so this entry will be short. I just wanted to say, first, I had another fall last week. I was trying to roll my roller bookbag out the door and the door closed pushing me into the hall way. I got up quick though. I was not hurt. But ever since, I have been carrying my loads of books on my back because rolling the bookbag seems more challenging believe it or not. Other than that, I have been good. I started occupational therapy and I have began exercising daily as well as wearing my brace and splint for different intervals of time. I am very determined to get my hand back in shape no matter how much pain I have to go through! I am sure it will be worth it in the end. I am doing great when it comes to my social life. Lastnight I stayed out until almost 1am just socializing with people who walk by. (I also have a date this Friday night.) :cheer: Saturday, I begin volunteering at the library which will count as my community service hours for the honors program. I am very excited because I told the faculty I will be volunteering with about my story and they really look up to me as an inspiration. Tomorrow I am going to read 2 of my poems at Open Mic. One is dedicated to my mom and one to my dad. I have really become very social. I almost always sit with a group of people at lunch and everywhere I go someone is saying hi to me (most of the time I don't even know who they are!). I found out there is an Individuals with Disabilities organization here and they actually hold a telvision program on a local channel here so I am very excited about joining. I hope I have time to get in contact with the advisor asap because he told me they meet on Thursdays and I would really like to attend the meeting! Its funny because before no one really noticed my arm but nw that I wear my brace all day, everyone ask what happend to my arm and I guess they thing I sprang my wrist or something so when I say oh I had a stroke, the expression on their face is so shocking! But I've gotten used to telling my story so I kind of enjoy when they ask what happend. Ok well got to go now bye!


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Greetings to our smiling Social Butterfly. Sorry to hear about your fall. I couldn't imagine trying to pull one of those rolling backpacks and maintain my balance. Of course, I'm not known for my gracefulness either. I'm so glad that you are making friends as well as having a date. All your Aunties here are going to want to hear all about him and the date. :D

You are settling in well, which we all knew you would, and getting acquainted with the various campus organizations.


Glad to hear things are going well for our college girl. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:

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RAH RAH RAH.. So happy to hear everything is working out.. and the little catepillar has come out of her cocoon.:)Sorry about the fall, but glad your got up quickly.. and no harm done. The rolling carts can be handy.. but also a bit cumbersom getting over bumps and thru doorways. good you figured out a solution. Sounds like your frustration levels are way down.. and good to hear you are so busy, and joining in activities.Yes we will all be waiting to hear about the date. We saw your smile on your photo, and knew if you used it you would be a magnet.. LOLTake Care.. Auntie Bonnie

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hey Katrina:


so happu that you are handling college with not "woe is me" attitude, and accepts every challenge and handle it best you can. hey I am interested in finding out more about your friday night date, this Auntie wants details.




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So cooooool to hear about your exploits at college. You are doing so well, I am very happy for you. Volunteering is so much fun. I have started volunteering at the local SPCA. I want to work up towards the dogs but I don't feel secure enough. Right now, I work w/ the cats. What's really fun, is I found there is a list of animals who need to be socialized, to feel comfortable around humans. I started working w/ a cat who started biting me when I went to pet her, she didn't break the skin or anything, it was just a warning she didn't like to be touched. I have worked w/ her several times and the last time I worked w/ her, she let me pick her up out of her cage.


Just being around people and animals is stimulating. You are an inspiration to people. Most people wonder how they would act if placed in our situation. I tell them they would probably do well. You never know how you will react when faced w/ adversity but I think most people do the best they can.


In your case, however, I think you are exceeding any expectations...for one, yours. You had a lot of trepidation about placing yourself in this position...and look what you have accomplished in such a short amount of time. Hmmmmm....a date, huh, I'm envious. :) Take Care. Keep Living Life to the Fullest.... LK

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"FANTABULIS"! (Like that word?)


This Granny is so pleased and also nosey about the date. I always demand reports such as who was there, what was so-in-so wearing, what did you eat etc. when my sister meets friends. That should tell you that I want a blow-by-blow description of the date- What he looks like, what hewore, what he is majoring in, where did you go, do, eat and even if he kissed you goodnight LOL!


Sorry about the fall but all went well and I'm glad about that.


Well, have a great time..........my heart is starting to pound from the future report I will get. ok, so it isn't but I am nosey.


Granny Phyllis

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katrina, you are really fluttering around now, like a butterfly. how excited you must be, sorry about your fall, but glad you are ok. i hope the therapy and brace are helping your arm. it will be worth the pain. you are really busy now and having fun and i too want to hear about the date. do be careful and safe, and keep us posted on everything. all aunties and granny's here need to know all,lol. keep up the good work.

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