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Leah's update

AZ Leah


It's been over a month since I started this blog and I am WAY overdue for an update. It helps me to know if I am growing forward or backward and right now I feel like I'm going backward. But this too shall change. Our trip to Carlsbad, California, was bittersweet for me. I had to adjust once again to life after stroke and go through another level of acceptance that I could not walk down the steps to the beach or walk to dinner and stroll through the village in the evening. We rented a wheelchair (a first for me) so Jerry pushed me to dinners so we didn't have to take the car all the time. I didn't venture out with it on my own. We also visited with old friends which was wonderful and that is what really counts when all is said and done. The place we stayed had a pool with a railing so Jerry helped me get in the first time so I could do some pool therapy (just walking and marching- good exercise) .I found I was able to then get in and out by myself. Unfortunately I only used it twice as there were too many kids around.


The trip tired me out more than I thought it would (we drove from Tucson- 4 hours a day) We had been home for a week and I was still recuperating when my sisters flew in from Michigan and Kentucky and stayed with us for a week. It was wonderful to see them and they were so happy to see the progress I have made (They were last here in June 2006 and I was in a medically-induced coma; I didn't remember anything about that month). With my brother here in Tucson we alll drove up the Catalina Mts. about 20 min. from our house to about 5,000 feet and scattered our mother's ashes. She had died in 2005 and this was the first time we were all together. I'm going to put a picture of us "kids" in my gallery. We also had a nice lunch with two of my angels - Sandra and Jane who have been by my side since this life changing expterience, called a stroke.


As of last week I am back to pool therapy and Wed. started again with my trainer. I feel like I have slid backwards since not exercising. My left leg is weaker again and I still am so tired. Thank God I can live life a day at a time because right now that is what I am doing. I had a good experience last week in pool therapy and met a woman who had a stroke 3 years ago. She and I have a lot in common and it is nice to share with someone who really understands. It also gives me another incentive to go to pool even if I don't want to. Today is Friday...I started this on Tues. and I am taking a day to relax and recharge.


I'm going to sign off now; will do more at a later date and hopefully learn how to add a couple pictures to my alubum.


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hey Leah:


I had been wondering about your vacation so nice to see your update, pool therapy is great, and I bet in your next vacation you will not be renting wheelchair. keep the exercises up even if it feels like pain, it is maintance work for all of us to not to slide backwards




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So glad to hear from you. You've been definitely busy - in a good way. Spending family time is so important. Once my daughter and I relocated, I was reunited w/family I hadn't seen in 13 years - way cool. Enjoy your water therapy.

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hi leah, i too was wondering how your vacation went. sounds like you had a good time and it was great to see your sisters as well. i also just had a vacation with my sister and we went to sedona for a few days. did me a world of good but tired me out, so it took a few days to recuperate but it was worth it. we're glad to have you back safe and sound. now you can start planning next years get away. congrats on your pool therapy, i'm sure it will be good for you, work at it the best you can. it will help make you stronger.

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