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Winter's coming!



Been our usual busy people around here lately. Lesley and her mum have been busy using the new oven and doing their best to make me fatter. I have finished the greenhouse, it was a kit, not terribly difficult. I am going to have to reinforce some of the panels because of wind, but not a big issue. All other outside projects are done for the year.


Fishing is unfortunately done for the year, (until ice fishing anyway) got chased off the lake the last time out by wind and lightening. Put the canoe and boat away for the year. A few days ago Lesley and I got in a bit of late season fishing in the canoe. Not much was happening, so we decided to come home. Then it happened. She was reeling in what was obviously a very small fish, when suddenly a very large walleye came along, grabbed the small fish, nearly took the rod out of Lesley's hand, under the canoe, doubling the rod over, then gone. Only the small fish left. We looked at each other in disbelief. It gave us something to talk about on the way home.


Sadly mum's time with us is on the last half. She will leave us Nov 16th. We have finally completed all the paperwork for her. She has her permanent green card, social security card, etc. Her next return is not planned as of now, time will tell.


I am lining up winter projects to pass the time. One will be a very focused, aggressive exercise program. Now that I have improved some, I can really tune in on the areas that need improvement, mainly muscle strengthening. My range of motion is to the point I can do what I want and live with it. Thanks Active Release therapy! I will start off late this month. Next week I am off to Duluth for cortisone shots in both shoulders again, they seem to really help for about four months at a time. It takes a week or so to sink in. I will start exercising after that. I intend to get to some of the lakes next year that I was not able to this year. My endurance and canoe carrying ability was not what I wanted. I must work harder and do better. Another project will be some finishing in the basement. First up: my workshop. Then some improvements in Lesley's baking area. I have to stay busy, the winters are long and dark up here. Channel surfing all day every day is not my style. However, I do a good bit of that now watching football.


Enough for now, BTW, the drought seems to be over. Sept rains set a record for that month, and lakes and streams are at springtime levels. Everything brown has greened up. I will never complain about rain again. It is most welcome here. Hopefully this will be followed by much snow this winter. The caterpillars are extra furry this fall, the deer extra fat, and my instincts tell me this will be a snowy winter. Hurray!



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Glad to hear all is well and you're getting prepared for winter. Sounds like you've got lots planned; before you know it, you'll be out on the lake fishing once again.

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