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two new gizmo's to talk about



Several things to talk about, first back to what this blog started out to be about. Two new gizmo's to talk about. We found a battery operated can opener and a battery operated jar opener. Both were in a Dr. Leonard's junk catalog, cost $30 each, use two AA batteries and really work well. We got them both for mum (she is 85) for her use in New Zealand. We opened everything from a coffee can to a bottle of salad dressing, both worked as advertised. I couldn't help but think about those that may only have one hand to work with. I would love to post pic's, but am currently relegated to the old computer, the "new" one is in the shop.


We finally got about six inches of snow a few days ago, most welcome here. We are ready for winter.


Mum will be leaving us at the end of the week unfortunately.


A bit on stroke rehab. I don't talk about it much anymore, it has been almost a year now, but in the past month or so, it seems I have hit another gear. It is a real joy to put on a shirt or coat with either arm in first, walk walk up or down stairs without using the hand rail, and wash my back easily. Foot drop is a thing of the past, I even can run a bit, not a thing of beauty but getting better all the time. As you can see I am a simple guy, easily pleased. Simple things are exciting to me!


A tip on arm rehab, at least it has worked for me, my active release therapist in Canada said for me to stop heavy weight lifting with my affected arm. He felt it was causing my scapula and upper back to be spastic and tighten up because other muscles were helping lift. He was right. Now I am concentrating on strengthening my bicep only with small weights. The rest is getting stronger with normal activity. I am also doing some ankle strengthening, really has cleared up the foot drop.


I hope this does not sound like bragging, it is not intended as such. I tell it only to hopefully inspire anyone else that may need it. Don't ever give up. The body seems to keep improving as long as the mind continues to challenge it.


I got a call from our family doctor a few days ago. She asked my if she could give our number to to a 54 year old male patient in her office that just completed the stroke rehab program I went thru. I assured her I would help anyway I could.


Some good friends of ours visited last evening. A joint camping/canoeing trip was dicussed for next summer. We have camped with them before, hope it comes to pass.


Anyway, enough for now, keep on keepin' on, I feel very blessed, the glass is getting more than half full.


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hey George:


your blogs are always inspiration to me, and getting joy out of those simple things are making your glass more than half full.




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Glad to hear things are going well. Your positive outlook and attitude is commendable. That's good you're getting the drop foot issue under control. Mine comes and goes - just remember caution. I have found, for me anyway, if I continue to concentrate there is less flare-up.

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Hey George--I always get a kick out of reading your blogs. You are doing really well. You reminded me to get out my ankle weights and do more ankle exercises. I hope your camping and canoe trip pans out for next year. Take Care. LK
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George, have you thought of asking if you could speak as a stroke survivor at meetings like Lions, Rotary, Seniors Centres etc? I know you are a real inspiration to a lot of people here and your enthusiasm is worth bottling!


I know that if Ray had had a mate like you early in his rehab he might have been more inspired to work harder exercising etc. Unfortunately he was surrounded by much older people and learned to work at their pace.


So glad you are blogging here on the board so we have the benefit of your research and responses to the equipment you have used.



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