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yo soy kristina....



Things are actually starting to look up here. Today in my civics class my teacher picked my essay and hung it on the wall as an example of good work :big_grin: I felt so happy!!!! If anyone wants to know what it was I can post it on here.....Also, my chemistry teacher told me what a good student I am :]] And.....I'm going to start volunteering with helping autistic children out, I have to go to an orientation in november. So as you can see my blog isn't all sad and depressing! People are starting to talk to me...well kinda. This one girl was talking to me but then after we talked she started spreading stupid things about me. Seriously one of the reasons why I was so glad to leave Arizona was to get away from the drama, and here it's like they are serving it to me on a silver platter. :Rage: Sheesh , what it's like to be a teenager!!


Anyway my mom and I decided to talk about something that I was questioning. Why don't you guys call yourselves victims instead of survivors. My mom explained this and told me it's because you have overcome the stroke and not let it stop you. Because of that each and every one of you are my heroes :You-Rock: I was listening to a song by Destiny's Child "Survivor" and the chorus stood out to me :


I'm a survivor

I'm not gonna give up

I'm not gon' stop

I'm gonna work harder

I'm a survivor

I'm gonna make it

I will survive

Keep on survivin'



So this reminded me especially of my mom because she never gives up and she always works harder :]] ily mommy!!!

I love you all 2....because you give me the inspiration to never give up on an obstacle in my life.


Well, that concludes this blog




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Hola Chica - tu es muy bonita. Ok, that's enough Espanol for this Mom; heck English gives me fits at times. Is it possible some of these girls at school are putting you through an initiation of sorts? Keep your chin up and don't let them get to you. I could always go after them with my walker lol. You will Survive this as well! Seriously, I'm proud of you. You're doing a terrific job in school. Keep up the incredible work :big_grin:

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hey Kristina:


I call myself survivor and not victim, there r days when I am sitting and crying those days I m victim to stroke the other days when I get out of bed and make most out of my life, giving my son his mom back I feel like survivor. as years have gone by my victim days pretty scarce. oh well stroke took my left hand but guess what I never used much b4.




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Oh Kristi, I'm such a proud Auntie. You're doing so well in schoool and in life as well. You know, you didn't move to Pittsbrg because you were trying to get away from those.......females, but even if yiu had, they would still be around. People are people and there are miserable ones everywhere.You know what they say if you are given lemons- make lemonade.


BTW, Asha, God gave us 2 arms/hands and two feet/legs. If one doesn't work, use the other. You are fortunate to have the useof the hand you always used; I don't but you know. being a lefty is special.


I'm not sure which side your Mom has "injured" but the brain does an excellent job of retraining us which ever has the "problem". Yes, we are survivors, and proud to be- each and every one of use.


My Spanish is very rusty but I can say Hsta luego. If it's spelled wrong, I don't spell too well in English some times now either, LOL!

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Ahhh,, my reply is not here.. so I will try again.Well sweet pea, I am so happy to hear the good news of the reports..As for the girls.. there are "twits" everywhere.. they are NOT a unique These girls usually have low self esteem, pick on others because they are jealousand immature. You brought a tear to my eyes.. Yes we are survivors. as you are. You have had to deal with your moms stroke, and grow up quickly, You have the maturity and empathy that these "other" girls will NOT have for years. My grandson wrote a school paper on strokes.. it is in the back pages of my Blog.. He also says I was an inspiration to him to not give up, when you fall down get up and try some more.This maturity you have .. will make you strong, let you go far, and be a wonderful person with kindness and love.Let the bimbo's be bimbo's we can laugh at them here.. But you have all your Auntie's on your side.We could all meet on the highschool steps with our walker's and cane's ... and scare the heck out of them..LOL

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AAAAhhh, Kristi--You are in the present so I know you cannot know what it will be like when you are (30) years old or even (25). However, I have found through the years one of two things will happen to these girls who think their stuff doesn't stink. These days will be the best days of their lives and they won't go anywhere OR they will finally grow up and mature and for the rest of their lives apologize for their horrid actions during their high school years.


You, on the other hand, have a head start on them. You have compassion, maturity and intelligence. These are the greatest assets and the fact that you have them at your early age will help you along your life's journey. Yours will be a higher path.


For now, ignore the negative. People will eventually get to know the real Kristi and will grow to love you. As I said before, you will leave an imprint on their lives, you are that powerful.


All the walkers and canes are behind you, supporting you. Power to the walkers and canes...and the people who manipulate them! :) Take Care. LK

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kristina, i am tickled to death to hear how well you are doing in school. your mom must be so proud. as for the bimbos as bonnie called them. they are just jealous of you, so let them talk what goes around comes around i think is the saying. they don't have the class that you do. i agree all of the canes and walkers will be right there with you. being a survivor is a more powerful force than being a victim and we do have the power!! stay strong and you will come out ahead of all of them

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