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First entry in the Beach Bum's Blog!



It is October, the weather is still warm here in PA and I have just returned from the Jersey beach at Wildwood. I am basking in the glow of an extended beach season! Praise to the almighty! All things considered, problems are less this week and I can deal with them all. Bring on the Sun!


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Hi John,


Welcome to the blog community. Yes the sunshine and warmth was wonderful. I live in western Pennsylvania - today, cold front is moving in. As I'm typing this it's 52 degrees outside. Over the next week the highest we're to be is mid-60's. We may have had summer extended - just hope it doesn't mean winter will be early - brrrr

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hey John:


welcome to our wonderful blog community, and you come to my NewJersey, and won't say hello to me that's not fair. hoping to learn more about you through your blogs


Asha(NJ stroke survivor)


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Dear John--Bet you got a lot of those letters in your life! :) 'Cause your name is John. Sorry, couldn't resist and now you can whoop me upside the head.


Welcome to our cyber world. I love the warmth of the beach, too. The warmth, a little breeze, the smell of the salty water. Good times. Hope to hear more from your blog. Again, Welcome. Take Care. LK

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Hi John and Welcome. Fall definately arrived in the Pacific NW.. glad you had some extra time at the beach.It was good to meet you tonight in chat.. You will be zinging aound the site in no time.It is also Great to hear of your progress in your recovery. The first year is definately the hardest... Best wishes to you

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