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My first chat



Well, I did my first chat last night, Thursday with Kimmie and the gang. What a wonderful experience to be instantly accepted by peers who understand where you have been. I felt so much better after this chat I am still smiling. Anyway I am encouraged by the positive attitudes of the folks on chat and would encourage any survivor to get on a chat regularly!! :big_grin:


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I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you as well in chat last night. We're there to answer questions plus "let our hair down" and have some good clean fun. Friday night's chats with Host Denny is definitely social time with virtual cappucinos and other assorted goodies.


Look forward to hanging out with you in chat.

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It was nice to meet you also. It is a great way to socialize and get to know others. I understand the joy you felt... when I found this site ..... I was no longer alone in my feelings.. other people feel and understand.Look forward to having you in chat often.. :)


Strokenet was the first chat I had ever been to. I started as a member, then a chat host..


To be a chat host requires a minimum of 50 posts or replies .. and a PM to me and we I can send you information on the chat host guidelines. :)

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hi john, i too enjoyed meeting you in chat last nite, i hope we made you feel comfortable and welcome. you did great for your 1st time. i to like bonnie was so elated when i found this website. it has helped me so much to know i was not alone out there and i have met some great people. i hope you continue to join us in chat as we have a great bunch of hosts. as stated fridays with host denny are alot of fun. we are so happy to have you with us at strokenet.

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hey John:


it was nice to meet you yesterday, though I ask lot of questions hope it did not bother you 2 much. I also found achor of my life on this site, met lot of great people, made great friends. you will see all of us survivors have different kind of injury some are lucky, some are not so but we all realize there is wonderful life after stroke.




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