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Another day



Well today is another beautiful day. I have been enjoying the chat on this site but will miss Sunday, we are taking my daughter out for a birthday celebration. I will be seeing my grandson Luke today, always fun. I have been enjoying reading and writing and learning from other people. I have found that any stroke presents a challenge both emotionally and physically. I am glad most people can deal with it, it helps to have a supportive spouse.


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Hiya John,


Have fun celebrating your daughter's birthday and spending time with your grandson. Glad to hear your spouse is so supportive. That helps so much. My daughter is my main source of support and my cheerleader. Her sense of humor is also good for me.

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hi john, sounds like a fun day for you. yes having support from a loved one is very important after a stroke. your wife sounds like a great lady. you can catch up in other chats. today we had a new host hostkathy and she did a great job, you would have had fun though, it was all ladies today, men watching football i guess. enjoy your day with your grandson and daughter.

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