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black friday



this day did not start out to well, my dog stimpy decided he wanted to get into bed with me this morning,(no problem,right) well any other dog would just jump up onto the bed, but stimpy is 14 years old and slightly overweight and he can't jump up anymore on the bed. he has to be lifted or pushed up onto it.(again no problem right) well usually its not. he will stand and put his front legs up on the bed and then i push his rear up onto the bedwith my good hand but i have to be situated just right on the edge of the bed to do this. but today it didn't work that way. he wasn't close enough to me for reach his rear end so i was inching over to get to him then i leaned forward a bit to grab hold of his butt, then boom i'm on the floor. i tried to grab the edge of the bed to prevent me from falling to no avail. my legs got twisted under me and there wasn't alot of room to maneuver myself to try and help myself up. by this time all 4 cats and stimpy were just looking at me and talking to me wondering why am i on the floor.hubby had already left for work but luckily came back home to get something and had his worker with him. with all the twisting and moving around my bladder couldn't hold it any longer,it let go but thank god for pads even if it didn't catch all of it. i was so embarrassed and angry at myself that i just wanted to cut myself in half and get rid of the nonfunctioning part. i was helped up and am just sore, thankfully. i was a mess to say the least. to top it off, we have doggie steps for stimpy to use, but he wont use them,i guess he doesn't feel secure enough with them,like he might fall off i guess. so now i guess he needs a ramp,lol. oh well this isn't the 1st fall and i'm sure not the last either. i just hate not being able to get myself up anymore. maybe i will try and get back into therapy, couldn't hurt. i never got any instruction in how to get back up after a fall while in rehab after my stroke, go figure. tomorrow is another day. i feel better now after a shower and some exercise.


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I am sorry about your fall, bfore leaving rehab I wanted to master how to get up from floor, and I am glad I did, since I don't worry about it anymore. the way I try is position my bad foot in proper position and push from my good arm and get into standing position and once I am stable on my good foot I put weight on my bad foot and then ready to roll. though at rehab they first showed me get close to bed or sofa and then push yourself up.


keep on practicing it for few times and you wil be fine, my hubby made a rule of sleeping on floor which forces me to get up from floor in the night, in the begining I did curse him, but I am glad he did that now.



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Sorry Kimmie. I wanted to get on ground to garden so asked and works for floor too. Uoi get on your bad leg knee, put good leg with foot bottom on floor and leaning some what down, push up, Ifyou are near something with any height like a bed, lay your bad arm on bed and puch with good arm. Yes, probably could get some extra rehab. Then again, don't know if that would work with an AFO.


You know, your dog is getting to be an old guy- like my little girl. I used to have a carton that she would get up on but not now..........Getting old is rough on animals as on us too.

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Yes I have one dog to.. now 10.. same trick Kim.. he stands up on his hind legs with front on the bed, I lean over and push his rump up. I have close to falling off also. On the other side of the bed I have a carboard box, with an old bathrobe over it. Alyese the toy fox terrier uses it to get up and down off the bed.I wasn't shown how to get up in PT either. .. so for awhile I would kind of crawl to something, now i can get up but it can be a little tricky, like Phyl says. get your bad knee on the floor, good foot flat .. and push with good arm. if there is something like a bed or coffe table it is easier as you can use it to push up. Stay away from mud.. especially wet mud.. NOT FUN... but you probably dont have much of that in AZ..we r thinking of steps or a ramp also. Glad you were not hurt in the Fall.. and glad your husband came home. You could also talk to a Gyn about the bladder control. There is Urodynamic testing that can tell a Dr where and why the bladder is not functioning and if surgery or what type of surgery would be helpful. PM me for more info if you want.

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Sorry about the fall dear and sorry to hear your baby is having a harder time getting up on the bed. Age is hard on the critters as it is us. I too never officially learned how to get up from a fall while in rehab though they tried. I just couldn't negotiate and implement what they were telling me to do. Added to that, I'm not the most graceful creature on the planet lol. A few tumbles after coming home, I had to have the fire department assist me (they were cute lol) But I did finally learn what to do on my own to get up. Fortunately, it's been a long time since I had to implement my skills - I know your frustration though.

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thank you all for the helpful information. its more than i was ever told. hopefully i can remember it should i have to use it. and bonnie thanks for the heads up about the bladder issue. i will definitely talk to my dr about it, i'm due for my check up soon anyway. i was in such a sour mood yesterday but you guys made me feel better cause you care and that means so much to me. thankyou

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