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Brrr..it's chilly here



Yes indeed, summer is gone gone gone. The powers that be announced a freeze warning for tonight (1st and definitely not last of the season) Here in the city we may not get exactly to freezing but awfully darn close. That's par for the course and our locale. Tis the season to be chilly..... I keep trying to convince myself I'm not cold lol. Kiddo will experience it first thing tomorrow morning leaving for school.


So....this week, everything went ok here for the most part. Tiny issue occurred but was quickly resolved. And, most importunately.......................


S T E E L E R S WON!!! After the loss last week, I was nervous...my Terrible Towel received a good workout :clap: They beat the Bengals 24-13 GO STEELERS


The silly little Princess who is master over us has decided it's totally cool to run up the steps past me and meow at me when she reaches the top before I do. Little Brat - as I tell her - She's lucky she's loved soooooooooooooooooooo much. She did have a rather stupid look on her furry face though this week when she discovered me downstairs with Kristi. She quite understood though as she sat on the step and looked at the railing.


Nothing much else new or exciting - just puttering along, keeping occupied and passing the time.


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i bet it is chilly there donna, brrr. keep bundled up. i bet its a change for you and kristi for sure. i bet you are happy that the steelers won and enjoyed the game. the towel can take the abuse so don't worry,lol. does crystal run for cover when the games are on,lol. mine do when my team is on. stay warm now and be safe. hope you have a great week.

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