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My Girl



This week school pictures were delivered. This one is fuzzy because she took a picture of the pic and emailed it to me. I need to figure out how to scan the pic to the computer, then I'll have a better one. It's soooooo hard to believe she's 15. This coming week she will begin volunteering at the Children's Institute as a "Buddy" to an autistic child. The program is conjunction with her high school and the institute. Kristi and other classmates will spend time with these kids 2 times a month. They will go during the school day and work with their "buddy" in school activities. It'll be quite the experience for her.


Well......weather is cruising downhill or rather the temps are cruisin in a downward fashion. Rain/snow showers are expected on Tuesday. No accumulation has been predicted so we'll see. The temps will be borderline on freezing for the low. :cold:


Thanks to Ms. Asha, I have a cool bag to carry things in when I go up and down the steps. One step closer to independence. Today, for laundry day, I went downstairs to help sort laundry. I was surprised that Crystal didn't come and watch cos she usually has to snoop when we're in the same room. Then again, it's colder down there this time of year - poor kitty. If she'd let herself be covered we'd get her a sweater and booties but that ain't gonna happen with The Princess - no way - no how!! :nana:


There is no Steeler game to report "boohoo" as they're playing on Monday Night Football. I've been practicing staying up later so I don't have problems getting up the steps after the game. I can yell for Kristi if I have problems but that's part of the independence thing......after we first moved in, I went upstairs when she went to bed so I had her help if needed. Granted, there are times I'm ready to turn in early but there are times I'm not. So....I have graduated - Yeah Me :i_did_it!: . It is amazing how we tend to forget the little accomplishments we have after we've been at this for a period of time.


Until later....


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donna, you have a pretty and talented child, i'm sure you very proud of her. working with autistic kids will be a great experience for her. congrats on the stairs, thats a big accomplishment. i'm sure crystal is keeping her eye on you from somewhere in the house,lol. enjoy your game tomorrow and i wish you luck. my cowboys did good tonight so we are happy. have a great week and be careful on the stairs.

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Yes she is growig up... Great on the stairs.. just be careful.. I only have 4 and they are pretty wide.. sometimes i can go down "like a Big girl" other days its one step at a time.. i figure whatever works and I don't land on my nose is Good. And carrying things on stairs is ANOTHER accomplishment. I know for awhile even getting clothes to the laundry room .. and back was an accomplishment. especially if I didn't take my elbows off on the doorways (LOL)Sea Hawks started out great........... but let it slip into a CLOSE game, over time... and we LOST :( If Crystal came down to the basement .. she might want a ride back up in the laundry basket..lol

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hey Donna:


you Kristi is growing up fast and pretty soon there will be guys outside your door courting her out. I am so happy that bag is working out good for you. these small accomplishments do wonders to our independence and selfesteem, I know it did it to mine.




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What a beautiful daughter you have! I know from her blogs, she is beautiful on the outside (luck of the genes) and beautiful on the inside (in my opinion, the best kind of beauty). Good luck to the Steelers tonight, unless they are playing the Ravens... :lol: Take Care. LK

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