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Bad News Today



Oh, If I could just have a day that was ALL good. I guess that is too much to ask. Went to my Orthopedic Surgeon today for my one year check up on my knee replacement (the second one on the same knee) and got really bad news about the other knee. The one I have had fixed is doing great - just need to keep on exercising it but the other one has bone on bone all over. The only thing I can do to get some relief from the pain is to have a series of injections every six months until I decide to have the surgery. I just can't put Hans back in the Nursing Home for the two months it will take to have the surgery and get to where I can take care of him again. The last time, he was in the NH and I went there from the hospital. We shared a room for the time I had to be in the NH and then I was home for two weeks before I could bring him home. There are just more things to be considered now. Mainly, that I have spoiled him terribly since we've been home. unsure.gif I let him sleep when he wants to and do showers where he wants to (we do bed baths all the other times). I know they have to have a routine in the NH in order to care for everyone. Here at home, we have been much more relaxed and I don't want to subject him to such a radical change just yet. Maybe the injections will help enough that I can put off surgery for a long while.


I did get the door on the van fixed while I was in the City for the Dr. appt. I told them I was getting tired of coming to see them - I was sure they were very nice but, I was not pleased with having to bring the van in with the door partially open because the automatic thingy was not functioning properly. That is 45 miles of real noise that I don't need. wicklaugh.gif Maybe this "fix" will be what the door needs. I surely hope so. Having a van that Hans can get himself into has been a God send and I really need it to work good. This one is older - a 2000 - and rattles a lot but it is one that I can afford to pay for and that is worth something. Hans just laughs and shakes his head when we go over a bumpy place or a RR track. It sounds like it is going to fall apart even at 5 to 10 miles per hour. It is a nice looking van.


Well, I will go to bed now and pray that tomorrow will be a really good day. Maybe I can start working on getting us back on some sort of schedule and since I know the NH schedule, I can get us closer to that so when the time comes, it won't be so hard.

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We're in very similar situations. I've needed total replacements done on my knees for over seven years now. The first few years I was share-caring my dad and I couldn't do it without him ending in a nursing home. Then Don had his stroke and I couldn't do them as we were downsizing, moving, building, etc. Now, if I were to have them done, Don would have to go to a nursing home and the dog, to a kennel and let the house sit empty. I just can't image doing that! Plus going through the pain of the surgeries doesn't do much for me either. I've had the shots and they did help a little bit and I'm thinking I should do them again. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you're not alone....



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