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I have came to the conclusion that I hate men. All men. Except of course my dog, but then he is nuetered. My husband tries to get me upset and keep me that way. He doesn't ever think before he spouts off. Then there is my dad. Well, he makes me feel like a prisoner. I just want to run away and have nothing to do with these men anymore. I am always broken hearted by one of them and neither of them cares or they blame it on the other one. Neither of them take responsibility for their actions. I am to blame for everything. I am sick of it.


Ok I won't vent anymore.


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Punch each one of them square in the face. You pick who gets it first. Walk out the door and don't come back until you feel like it. wink.gif


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I was with Cindy until the coming back part...Of course if they press charges against you, you won't have that option.



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Hi Cyndi,


I don't believe in violence so I'd advise just walking out the door and telling them both you'll be back when you damn well feel like it. They can get along without you babysitting. Go spend a day indulging and pampering yourself.



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I hope you didn't think I meant to actually punch them. Nice thought though. Made me feel better after reading what you said I was so angry.gif for you. My thoughts are with you Cyndi. I hope you do what you need to do in order to get some relief.

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hey cyndi,


you and i may be long lost separated twins. do what i do sometimes, say i'm visiting my sister( any lie will do) and drive up to the next county and check into a hotel with room service. rent pay per views, eat, and just BE in peace. it does wonders for the soul.




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