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look mom new shoes




20 years ago, 1 year after doing physio therapy as an outpatient, I was told nothing more could be done for me. At that point my left arm was not working at all and I wasstill walking with a can and leg brace. I believed them. Over the years I was able to stop using the cane but I needed the brace still. 3 years ago, I met my present partner Andr



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thank you for this great entry to your blog! you definitely have proven that recovery doesn't stop. recovery stops only if we stop. as long as we persevere and work hard, we will get stronger. stroke has taken a lot from most survivors here, but it's stories like yours that serve as an inspiration to others. my stroke was 21 months ago and i am determined to get out of my brace no matter how long it takes. it's great to see that recovery does happen and it is possible.

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I love your attitude towards life, no wonder you attract lot of people towards you. positives always attracts happiness around them




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