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Honourable Discharge




:o I was discharged from physical therapy today :out_of_here: I have pretty much met my goals (except for driving), I can walk to meals, walk outside and did car transfers. One of my therapist even said she thinks I can move on to independent living. I also found out the VA will pay for someone like Visiting Angels to help me with some of the things I can't do, but I can pretty much do everything myself. I am not quite sure what or when, I will be able to make changes. I go see my PCD at the VA next Wednesday, so I can ask about driving then. Unfortunatly, no more 5 speeds and I dread Interstate driving, but otherwise I see no problems driving again.

Thanks for the B'day greatings, it was of course my 4th anniversary of my stroke too. :Doh: How time flies when your'e having fun :violin:




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Good for You!!! One step at a time and of course all in HIS time not ours. You're doing great and you've come so far and you're not done. Keep up the good work.

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Very honourable, hard earned and well deserved! Congrats!Stay focused on the independent living part. What? You were maybe planning a cross country road trip? Where you going with these gas prices anyway? If a short ride to Walmart to meander around a bit pick up some treats for Teddy is safer and doable that's surely a goal to work toward as well.

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