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road trip




I went to the breast cancer breakfast with my girlfriend and we had a really nice time. We are going to get together again to catch up on all that we did't get to. I joined a group called "well-spouse" i found it online. They are people who talk and get together to support each other. They have spouses that have been effected with some sort of illness and are trying to help each other. They have a respite weekend in PA in Sept that I am really interested in and would like to go to. It is at a state park that looks just beautiful. Hiking, tubing and horses and being outside. The only draw back is the drive to get there. I am so not a long distance driver. Mickey did all the driving and I got spoiled. And did I mention I am terrible at directions. So I am looking into getting a GPS and biting the bullet and doing the driving. I figure I will break up the trip and stop along the way. I can take Fri off from work and leave in the morning and miss the rush hour traffic and do the same thing on Sunday- I will leave after breakfast and miss the traffic (maybe). So I will see how this works. I don't know.



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Sharon, you are brave to be doing some distance driving alone but that is the only way you will do it now. Since Ray had the major strokes in 1999 I have been the sole driver and although it was daunting at first I have managed to go a lot of places I never dreamed I would. Like you I am a bit directionally challenged so we sometimes overshoot the turn off and go round the block a few times, but I say to Ray if you want to go somewhere in life you have to do it my way.


I have a womens weekend for stroke caregivers coming up in November I still hope to get to. It will be okay if Ray is strong enough to go into respite, if not I will try to arrange in-home respite and just hope that plan works.


It is all about determination.



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Sounds great! Where is it? I'm the queen of avoiding these monster roads and can navigate both these states and the island with nice relaxing country roads. Another alternative is the LIRR will take you into Penn and from there you can catch the train to Pennsylvania or NJ transit buses leave from Port Authority on 42nd and 8th. They have a pretty extensive service line. Depending on where you are going they may have service. Either way no driving, no traffic, relax, read a book. I know dear from way out there Pennsylvania is another country - remember I've seen it from where you're standing and know it's like do I need a passport??? LOL It's really not that far and will be well worth it.


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