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i'm still hereee!!




i haven't posted in over a year. I just can't seem to remember that i have a blog going on on this site. for that matter, i haven't chatted in a long time either. hopefully this week i will remember to come to a chat. this summer has been a long one for me. my daughter got married on july 4 and it was a beautiful weddng. 2 down and 1 to go! now we are praying for grandchildren. sarah is trying finally. this summer i ahve actually read 4 books so far. this is a big deal. i've also given up my morning nap just like a baby. i can go for a whole lot longer before i need to rest. but when i need a nap, i really need one. this friday morning we are all leaving to drive to cape cod for my neice martha's wedding., sarah josh andjonathan are riding with us and rachel and matt are flying up and meeting us there. we are all staying in the same hotel as lenda and her crew. should be a lot of fun. i have decided to join the praise band and the chancel choir this fall and give up sunday school. i 'm no help anyway and now i can go to an adule class this way. its time for me to start trying to sing anyway. i need to work on my breath and control.



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hey Cathy:


after long time. but it's better late than never update. I remember last you were talking about Rachel's wedding. now looking forward to grandchildren wow, that's wonderful. hope to see you around more often. maybe you can put this site in your favorites, such that you can go atleast once online.




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well i'm not sure if it was sarah or rachel's wedding i was talking about last time, but it's sarah who has started trying to have a fmily. i do have this site bookmarked but when i look at the list of bookmarks, i forget which is which so i will have to change the name so that it is unforgettable.

thanks for answering.

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Glad all is going well with you. Have missed you around here; I last remember too you talking about a wedding Time marches on that's for sure.



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i am thinking that was my eldest daughter sarah's wedding last june 23. my second daughter, rachel was married this past july 4th. time really does march on. so now sarah has announced that she and hubby josh are ready to start a family. it's all she ever wanted as a little girl-- a baby. and now she is ready so we can't wait. she will be a wonderful mothre. she has a real knack with babies and is very patient and nurturing. she teaches school and parents love her because of her calming influence on therir children. it will be a dream come true for our family. and rachel and her new husband would like to start soon also. he is 33 and she is 29 and they are well established with a house of their own. she does free-lance writing from home so the set-up would be perfect for them to be at home with a baby. and we are just 30 minutes from them. sarah is just 2 minutes from us in the next town over.

we are getting ready to drive to cape cod on friday morning for a niece's wedding. should be a nice long weekend.


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Cathy, nice to see your update. We "old timers" do wonder what is happening to our friends who disappear from blogworld. In your case it seems to be all positives which is great.


Do enjoy your singing, and the move out of Sunday school into adult classes, it is nice sometimes to make a change to your routine.


Hope the "Granma" news comes real soon!



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thanks for the greeting. it is nice to be considered an "old timer" and a member of the family.

One thing i have learned from this stroke journey, is that one can't stand still. one must always be searching for ways to move forward. no matter how hard it may seem. routine is the brain's enemy.


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