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so true!!



There is a little store in our community that sells accessories for the handicapped. I was chatting up a woman who works there and we got around to talking about these gadgets and where they come from. The woman told me " Necessity is the mother of invention" Turns out most of these accessories were thought up by friends and family of handicapped people. It's nice that someone thought of sharing these accessories with other handicapped people, hence, the store which they named "Handi House"

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cute name marie for the store, i believe that most of those products were developed by someone who knows what we need for sure, caregivers, handicapped people, therapists, etc. i dont have all the gadgets out there but quite a few. i;m sure in time they will come out with many more things we could use. i do alot of my shopping online for these products. 'NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION" is the gods truth, huh.

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