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Haircut/color day



Today, I got the grey shoved back in...same effect...haircut and color job.

The only time I read the *beep* tabloids is when at my hairdresser's.

I wasn't aware Brittney Spears was married nor pregnant. I love to watch MAD TV and they do a fabulous spoof of Ms Spears. Comedy Central does reruns of MAD TV otherwise I would miss seeing their genius.

WHy do the networks put all the good shows on at the same time? I guess that's why there are reruns, huh? silly.gif


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i have had color on my hair because of grey since i was 27 years old. if it ever actually grew out, it'd probably be white, but i'll never know. so, i am a frequent flyer at my salon. that's the only time i read the *beep* too. although, i think the national enquirer is one of the funniest rags around!!! anyone who takes it seriously is an idiot, plain and simple. here's to happy hair days!!!!


kim happydance.gif

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