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Need a new watch



I get to go shopping for either a new watch or watchband....I get the cheap kind of watch.. So I'm off to Walmart in search of a new watch or watchband.. I know the watchband would be a cheaper solution but only if the clerk would change the watchband for me...my fine dexterity is shot not to mention my close eyesight is none-existant. My arms seem to get shorter all the time..ie I can't see things up close.

My eyesight frustrates me most of all my aging shortcomings. sad.gif I'm constantly having to stop what I'm doing and find my reading glasses and then try to get back into what I was originally doing. duh, I guess it could be a lot worse.. at least I can see distance fine. I've been told it's God's way of keeping older couples together...they can't see what each other look like up close anymore. waycon1.gif

So, I'm off to go shopping.. Or is it that I'm off? As in Off balance mentally?

Both, I guess. DUH silly.gif



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My mom solved the eyesight/small watch face problem by beginning to wear clip on watches on her pants. Not only are the faces huge enough to see from that distance, they are a cute fashion statement. At last count she had about 25 of them. A few I bought her also played music.

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at LEAST you can wear a watch. every single watch i buys stops working in a short time. i don't know if i am just that unlucky, ugly enough to stop a clock, or have too much electricity in my body.


i rely on my cell phone to tell time. ALSO, as far as the eyesight goes, i had NO idea that i had a chin hair the length of one of the california fault lines until someone gave me a makeup mirror for christmas. when i put it on the magnify side i was MORTIFIED!!!!!! so, never buy one of those if you wish to not know about facial imperfections.


good luck!

kim yikes.gif

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I got a watch band..for only $5. The clerk put it on for me.

My watch is a man's easy reader...has a larger face to it than a woman's watch.

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