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Aging with grace...what is that?



My Grandmother aged with grace...why can't I get in the groove of accepting getting older?

I'd rather kick and pout about the things that frustrate and inconvenience me...

1)like not being able to read up close without the use of glasses.

2)HOT Flashes have begun to attack. and I mean attack.

3)Also, I used to be able to pluck the few whiskers that appeared on my chin and now, I use an electric shaver every morning...yuk...how feminine is that?

4)Gaining weight is far easier than taking it off. I can't seem to get started in losing pounds. sad.gif

5)My bladder seems to be the size of a walnut. While my kidneys produce copious amounts.




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i'm curious. when did all of this start? i'm only ten years younger than you and i want to know what to expect. BECAUSE, if anything CAN happen to a body, i'm CERTAIN that it will happen to mine. how much longer do i have?




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The poem, "Gather your Rosebuds While You May.", I used to recite to all girlfriends when I was in the 9th grade in the hope of getting some loving, it usually didn't work, I was shy and I never went back to school but I did take a Astronomy course at Phoenix College but by that time it was too late, we already had something like 6 or 7 children and I had had about as much loving as a fella could handle.


I was born in 1942, I still don't know how old I am, I think that I am younger than I was last year at this time, that's a total mystery. Our minds can be so tricky, our true human age is locked up in some DNA tag at the end of each strand. We can be as old or as young as we want, it's wanting to be a human that scares me. Heavens, no thank you, only makes me sneeze.


A client of mine, a guy that was in a prison for about 5 years for selling drugs in the Eighties told me that he took a prison sponsored stress management course while incarcerated. His name is Thomas but is pronounced in the Spanish sense, Tomas, anyway he told me that smiling releases endorphins which are certain chemicals that our body whips up and they can make us feel grand, very grand. Go for them, smile a lot, I do and someday I will get my most favorite wish, I won't have to be a human. Make life as good as possible under the circumstances, think positive.


Peace and Love,



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