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Yippee - another word



biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifhappydance.gifhappydance.gifhappydance.gifhappydance.gifhappydance.gif This has been a wonderful day. Hans said a new word this morning. "Coffee" It was a real celebration. He has also taken up saying "Shewee" when anything needs washing or he thinks it is dirty. When he is wet or dirty - when I come in to check on him - he grins and says "Shewee". I call that reall improvement. All the powers that be have told me there won't be any improvement but I kinda guess they are wrong. We even have a little movement in the affected leg every now and then. Maybe once or twice a month. But that is movement. He always moves it some when I am drying him off or putting lotion on his feet and legs but this is different. Usually happens when I am getting him up or changing him. I hope I'm not doing something that I shouldn't, but I am decreasing his Dilantin. Over the last two weeks I have decreased it from 4 capsules a day to 2. He seems more alert and doesn't sleep as much. He also takes Neurontin - which is also for seizures - as well as acute pain (In his back. He has been on Neurontin for several years due to Stenosis of the Spine. When I found out that it was also for seizures, I decided he did not need all that medication. I hope I didn't do anything that will harm him. Well, he is calling me. That means he wants to get up. So, I'll see if I get a "Shewee" from him.


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Way To Go!! Isn't it exciting each time you hear those new words? We are getting a few more each day and today at the speech evaluation at the University, Gary had them convinced he couldn't pronounce the "SH" sounds. I had to tattle on him and tell the therapist that he did quite well the day I heard him say "bullshit" so she made him repeat it after her, and sure enough, that "SH" sound came out loud and clear, and then he laughed! roflmao.gif



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My husband's speach was never affected by his strokes, but I know how happy it makes me feel when he smiles. His smile was severely affected and today was a great day - because he tried to smile constantly. I know how I felt when I saw him move his left arm ever so slightly. Miracles Do Happen - even if they are small ones. The smallest change is ever so exciting.........I'm very happy for you!!


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I remember the one word at a time days and I am so excited for you. Now for us, it's more like the full sentence or full conversation days!! Wow and they thought Bob would never say a word or walk either. Anyway.......You go girl and please keep sharing these wonderful stories!!!


Oh, and husband's every cuss word has always rang out loud and clear too. lol_2.gif


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