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my BAD night rolled right over into a BAD HAIR DAY TODAY!!!!!!! i bought this fancy new cell phone that does EVERYTHING including cable chanel access. JUST got it on saturday. SO, i'm on the phone with a good friend of mine and then BLAM, it cuts off and won't even take a charge. i was LIVID. so, today i am phoneless and keep checking messages from the land line and hear all of these panicky messages because clients can't reach me. it never occurs to them to call my office. bop.gif


THEN, i had a flat tire when i went to leave for work this morning. i couldn't get the lugs off so i had to call united auto to come fix it and had to wait an hour. before that, i had run out of hairspray. we southern girls with the "big hair' all know that hairspray is a NECESSITY!!!!!!!!!!! so, after the flat got fixed i had to go to the chevron and get some hairspray and fix my hair in the bathroom there that smelled like *beep*. ohmy.gif


THEN, i get to work and find out that one of my reports that i spent HOURS on yesterday got erased somehow and had to type it all over. THEN, my bra strap snapped. since no one was here, i hiked up my shirt and was trying to fix it with a safety pin when ENTER MARCUS. he is one of the silliest, immature, nasty minded little pervs i have to work with everyday. he had slipped in and i didn't hear him. even though i got my shirt down in a hurry, he saw enough. SO, every time i walk by his office or he walks by mine, he starts laughing. by the end of the day i am CERTAIN that all the guys here will hear about it. wub2.gif


so far it's only 1pm. i am going to wait to post this just to see what else will happen. wicklaugh.gif


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Sorry to hear about your really bad rotten no good awlful day. When my son was little he had a book by that name or something like it. It could have been raining.

You could have had your period and made a mess on a white skirt. yikes.gif

OR, any of a hundred other nasty things could have happened. sad.gif This too shall pass.


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Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder and give yourself a hug pash.gif

Plan right now what you are going to "treat" yourself with this weekend with.

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If he makes comments or someone else does, act like you have no idea what they are talking about. No one will believe him. As far as everything else goes, you handled it all very well. Couldn't have done better myself.



Except maybe hiking my skirt in a PUBLIC PLACE. Never.


Had to come back and PS.


PS. How and why do you fix a busted bra strap by hiking a skirt anyway??

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  • Founder and Owner

Kim, I hate to say this but that is definitely fodder material for guys of any age! Most of us men would be immature about that. secret.gif

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not SKIRT, SHIRT. and i was in my office alone. mr nasty just slipped in the back door and i didnt hear him!!!! sorry for the confusion!!!!




kim roflmao.gif

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Here K, this is dedicated to you, my wifey Jasmine read your blog about the 'ride', she loved it, so did I. - Rod


I'll tell you where my problem lays... I don't want to be human, that goes against current human thinking. Most all humans think that being a species of animal is the right thing to do, they claim that they actually like it, to them it's the only thing to be, either be a human or be dead. D.E.A.D.



Therein lies my depression.


Being a human or another species of animal, even a vegetable, fruit, blade of grass can not be all that can be in this never ending universe. We are in a universe where time does not and cannot exist, life has all of eternity, forever more yet we live in a world that is much like a mental institution, yeah we are nuts for the most part, look around.


I am a being driven by Love, not the physical kind where you rub your pee pee between pieces of lubricated animal skin, it's the mental kind. My care giver Jasmine was there everyday for me while I lay in a hospital being incoherent for 7 weeks. In all of this trauma to me, Jasmine my caregiver gave me care, lots of it, the best kind. No, neither Jasmine or the 9 children prayed for my scrawny butt, we are all free thinkers, none of us believe in the crap about some super being wanting or needing worship by a lame bunch of dumb animals, then if we don't meet the expectations of the creator, it will ship us off to a concentration camp only it's eternal, we are burned up over and over again, forever. And the real kicker is that butt head loves us, loves all that it made so damn much that according to its own beliefs, their are right now billions of x-humans being roasted on an open fire right now as I type and guess what?, I'm supposed to somehow be happy and praise this butt hole monster.... No thank you, I gave at the office.


I asked all in my family if they prayed for my sorry bass while I was most expected to die. They all including Jasmine said, No. I smiled, they are my family, they are real.


Let me say this, if there were a real god, it would be a black female, nice breasts too. Praise Her.


As the famous Country Joe McDonald of the Fish once said in a song, Fish Cheer, "There ain't no time to wonder why, yippie, we're all gonna die.




P.S. This is draft but I hit 'publish'.


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