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i have come to the realization that i haven't had a vacation since 1999. oh, unless you count the hospital and recuperation time from the stroke last year. angry.gif

my husband takes little "trips" all of the time with his friends. today i told him that i was going to the beach BY MYSELF next week. he then had the audacity to say " well, that's when i'm taking off for that golf tournamant". i saId " i don't care what arrangements you have to make for ashley, i am going, and that's the end of it". he then says " well, i understand, you just do what you have to do".



SO, at the end of next week, i am pointing my vehicle south and heading to the coast. i will not have my cell on, i will not have internet access, and i will not be reachable. i will not answer any pesky work related questions, will have no clients to hound me everyday, no meals to cook for others, no house cleaning to do, no rides to give, no school projects to shop for, and no annoying husband to worry about. biggrin.gif


i will take walks on the beach at night, excersize in the gym, swim in the pool during the day, and relax in the hot tob at night. i will sleep until i wake up. i will order room service and rent pay per views. i will keep the DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door. i will sit on the balcony at night and listen to the gulf. i hope there's a storm at night to marvel over. i will be at peace with the earth and myself. cloud9.gif


it will only be for a few days, but what a glorious retreat it shall be. i am so excited about it that i can barely contain myself. happydance.gif


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Sounds like it's just what you need right now, Kimberly. But you'd better not post where you're going to be exactly or you'll end up with a lot of party crashers.



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My last official vacation was in 1994, daughter, son, friend and I went from Phoenix and stayed with a friend of a friend in southern Oregon, it was around the Medford area. We had never met the people that we stayed with for about a week, Phoenix was having a heat wave, I took off, a friend of mine who had died in the mid Eighties knew the the Oregon people, the man Frank Wise and Susan, several kids, he taught Greek and Latin Classics at Loyola University, married to a Japanese woman, had two daughters and a son. He was fired for growing very tall Hemp plants at his home, this was in New Orleans in the late Sixties. Frank WIse was on the cover of a Village Voice in handcuffs being led away from a Central Park happening in the SIxties. Alvin Perrie was arrested, was fired from the university, had to go to Man Power, a temporary labor place, made $60. a week which was low even in them times, he had wife and 3 children. Al was arrested for growing pot.


I think about Alvin often, he is one of the people that I want to meet up with again, he was the most intelligent human I had met, I learned a lot from him.


We stayed in Oregon in tents in the back, overgrown forest, yard, it was great, I saw stars for the first time in ages, we were there about a week then headed south towards the redwoods, it was the weekend that the string of pearl comets were due to crash into Saturn. Some thought that the world would end, I was just hoping.


When I saw the redwoods for the very first time, spent the night in Garberville, growing capital of California, during the day, the trees were so awesome, I stripped to nude and lay down in the large clover neath the trees, the sunlight was filtering through the leaves, it was beautiful, awesomely beautiful. Son Jon thought that he would play a trick and grabbed my clothes, pants with traveling bucks dropped out in clover in wallet and was lost in the thick clover.


Happy ending, found everything.


Van would not start, full size 1986 Dodge 3/4 ton, carpet in back and things we took.


Son and I walked 2.5 miles to call AAA for rescue, all small towns, the fresh air pumped us both up so we breezed the walk to the pay phone and then back.


That was my last vacation, it was a wonderful year, 1994.

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This vacation sounds like a fun thing. If I had the time or inclination, it sounds like something I would like to do too. I know I need a vacation as well. biggrin.gif


Mind if I tag along too????? biggrin2.gif



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