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Refeshed after Respite.




Well all was well with Bill and son Steve while I was away for my respite break, Steve did a couple of jobs around the house that needed doing such as putting back some tiles that had came off in the shower and fixed a leak in the toilet. Steve said all was ok, they went out to the local shops and he took him to the Botanical Gardens.


The group was very friendly and we all got on well and I am going to make a dvd of all the photos we took, the two ladies from the organisation that arranged our break is coming to the house to download their photos and we are going to choose the best ones and also the music to go with the photos. We are all meeting again for coffee so the can pick up their dvd's. The massage was out of this world and we all talked none stop for the four days, the food was fantastic and the great thing was we could enjoy it as we did not have to cook it or clean up.


Well must go, Bill is nearly finished with his shower. I like this time in the morning Mon-Wed-Fri as I can get on the computer and catch up with emails while the shower nurse is looking after Bill.


I was trying to put in a photo but don't know how in the blog.






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Glad you enjoyed your break. We'd loved to see the pictures.


I'm sure Bill and Steve enjoyed their male bonding time. Great plan woman put them to work! Boys are always best kept busy-keeps 'em out of mischief :yukyukyuk:


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you sound also so refreshed and relaxed. It is great that your son gave you that break & also bonded with his dad. would love to see your pictures.




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Doreen it sounds like heaven! I looked up the resort and it is first class.


Ray and I are going to a three day break with carers, nothing so grand but all meals etc. I am hoping to at least slow down for a few days. It is strange how what you can "access" as a carer differs so much from state to state, isn't it? I consider us lucky to have access to Camp Breakaway as I know breaks at cheap rates are rare for carers.


Glad having your son Steve look after Bill worked out so well.



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I am so happy for you - you got away for a needed break and all was god on the home front between Steve & Bill. Best of both worlds; look forward to seeing the pictures.

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