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It's my blog and I can scream if I want to!



Hey Vicki! I put the invitations in the mail today--early this morning---steve had to get rid of some viruses on the somputer for the programs I need for the invites to work--sorry it took so long--hope you like them--I sent 16 with envelopes--for you to pass along to whomever--right now i'm making some cds and doing some snack bukets loaded with pictures of Jerry--then I'll be mounting some pictures for display and I do have some decorations for 50th and 50 ish napkins---shall i get plates and stuff---I already have plastic ware if you want me to bring that---let me know what you think---i'm looking forward to the whole thing---thanks for the JT's website-looks great and i'm always thirsty for a beer! --later-love M


This is the email I got from my sister in law TODAY!


And she mailed me the invitations TODAY? So I'll get them on MONDAY! What the #@$% is she thinking? That I'll mail the invitations to all his friends on Tuesday and expect them to show up Saturday night?


I'm having the Freaking party at a micro - brewery so I don't have to worry about plates - napkins etc! And snack buckets? I'm serving a hot appetiser buffet.

I don't need GD Snack Buckets!


Ok - she obviously doesn't realize I am still the "Promotional Goddess" I was before my stroke. And that I've taken care of everything - right down to a hospitality room at the hotel, and the imprinted beer mugs! And I'm probably just being paranoid in thinking she wants to set me up to fail - But Thank God I sent invitations out two weeks ago because, I'd look like an idiot if I sent them out next week.


And I don't know if I should be offended or not, but, right now I just want to scream angry.gif


Ok - that was an hour ago - I just found out I'm handling all the "refreshment's" (booze and food - to those who aren't up on drunken parties) for the hospitality room.


Remember - they were going to do everything? ?


That means another $200.00 or so, bucks in liquor in case the "party" goes on after bar time - and $75.00 or so, in cheese and sausage platters, etc. so they have munchies.


I thought it was the emotional lability kicking in - I was angry without reason - b.s.

Jerry better damn well have a great time at this party - or I'll scream at him because I can't politely tell them to "go to hell".


When I turn 50 - wish me a happy birthday and leave it at that!





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