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Ryan's IEP



Ryan's IEP was today. That's an "individualized education program" meeting. They told us what we already knew. We have a great, funny, smart, disorganized kid who hates to do homework.

So what else is new?


Ryan never told his teachers, his counselor, his tutor about my stroke. Robin - his guidance counselor assumed I had a drinking problem as my speech is worse at night then it is during the day - call me (after I've been up since 6 am) at 8 pm and I sound drunk. By 8:30 - I'm asleep. I guess I stumble over my words during the day too - it's just less noticeable.


They were surprised he never mentioned it. I was shocked. Not like the meeting was about me or anything but, you'd think he would have mentioned it to someone.


I'll talk to Ryan tonight. I need to know if he was protecting me, or embarrased by me. Or if it just didn't matter to him at all. Maybe it was because I'm still his Mom, and he didn't see a reason to tell them I had anything wrong with me. Maybe he didn't know how to tell them. Maybe he didn't think it was any of their business.


I'll know tonight - when I MAKE him do his homework!






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ashley hasn't told anyone about mine either. when i first found this out it hurt my feelings. i think she and ryan are about the same age. at first i didn't confront her with it, and later when i did, she said that it made her relive the thought that i might die whenever people asked about it.


SO, she kept it to herself when she could. i don't know if that's ryan's reason, but it could be. i sound drunk when i get tired too. i also start asking the same questions and telling the same things too. FUN!!!!!!!


my thoughts are with you girlfriend


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