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Yesterday was one of the worst I've had in a long time. I missed a deadline on a huge project, because I really thought the client was "kidding" he gave me his final approval on the 19th and expected a wall installed on the 21st. Crystal that had been ordered came in wrong. Some one forgot to order a custom cast piece that's due next week so, I was scrambling trying to get that in. I found out that one of our salespeople quoted net pricing on a 5,000 piece job. If it could go wrong - it did. I spent a half hour at the end of the day crying - I just can't cope with crap anymore. I'm at work at 6 in the morning to deliver an order that should have gone out yesterday and I find out "THEY" handled it last night - so I'm here for nothing. And when they come in I'll hear it big time. and I don't even care! I'm so done with all of this. I was supposed to be off today - I'm having a party tomorrow remember - but, I've got two appointments scheduled. 3 deadlines to meet. 4 orders to track with UPS. 5 quotes to follow up on. 2 proofs that have to go out. I hate my job, I hate my life.


Pam, I need a biker and a beer.....


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if it makes you feel any better, my day yesterday was much like yours. and the BAD news is that it's starting all over again today. i'm getting calls on my cell at 7am before i can get out the door and EVERYBODY has an "EMERGENCY".


i'm at the point right now that i want to pack my bags and fly to the bahamas. we are supposed to get some major bad weather today and MY wish is that it knocks the power out and the phone, fax and computers won't work. i will go home and rest in peace.


i hope your day is better and that the party is a success!!!!!


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I stroked near you date wise, July 10. 04. Today was wild for me too, lots of potential stress, I get to a job and I am given a list of 5 vehicles to originate keys for so they can process them into the system. Not all of the vehicles are stock, some locks have been replaced on some of the cars and I only find out which after making a key to a lock, everything took twice as long. A few weeks ago I am thinking, when a job goes bad and creates a lot of problems, I have two choices, panic or remain calm, find a way to be calm, straighten it out or really get screwed. I am not ready to blow it. So as a part of rewiring my brain, I need to install a clause that allows me to stay calm. I did it rather than freak out but not before thinking that I will quit this business. Also I hate driving in traffic and Friday traffic is the worst. If there is a God, my prayers are that He smashes them all, to be fair at the same time. I am using a prayer wheel that I constructed, the prayer and wheel is placed under the kitchen sink faucet, turn on the water and watch it go. If no one flushes I can get 54 prayers per minute so I do stand a chance of getting my wish.


Think positive,



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