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my husband likes christmas. he hangs up his cranky attitude in december and everywhere he goes he wears his red velveteen hat with the big white pom pom. the thing is he has a pure white beard and a tummy of some substance and he often causes a stir with little children. yesterday he was walking our dog sasha around the our condo in his red vest wearing "the hat". he noticed two little kids jumping up and down in our neighbor charlotte's the picture window. their grandmother opened the front door and out came the visiting grand kids yelling santa, santa! of course barry played along and even got sugar cookie - Sasha did not have her reindeer antlers on so she was not taken for donnor or blitzen. charlotte came over later and said that santa's impromptu visit was a huge hit. in the 28 years i have known barry he has always worn "the hat", but since his beard turned white he manages to cause a commotion or two every december. hmmmmm, i wonder if our grandson will think he has an in with the north pole folks?

well, we put up our wreath, decorated the mantle and barry found our two foot "charlie brown" fiber optic christmas tree and put it on the buffet. along with candles in the window my decorating is complete. i used to really do up the house but i am pretty much happy with simple these days.

my folks arrive tomorrow by train for a week's visit. they are both in their eighties so i am lucky to have them so healthy. i am so trying not to stress cause they really do not understand my stroke. they are in their own world. i need to relax and not worry about everything being perfect. i am just getting over a cold and have not been able to do much of the getting ready i wanted.

our condo is quite small so we are giving them our bedroom cause they can have their own bath and we will sleep on the pullout in the computer room. barry is already crabbing...he needs to wear his happy hat 24/7.

we have about 5 inches of snow and it is still coming down hard. like most survivors the cold is awful hard on me . my right hand and arm are still causing me a lot of pain. i called the doctor and have an appointment at the end of january...by that time it will either be better or have fallen off. LOL

so, on that note i will sign off and wish everyone a happy holiday season. kathy



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HELLO i just was reading you blog an i thought it was great . Ito have a cold .Hope you get reed of your cold .Have a nice christmas .

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Guest lwisman


Have a great visit with your parents. It is great they are able to get on a train and come see when in their 80s. Another good bit of news is that you come from good genes!


The hat story is a great one. It is always a good thing when you can make some else's day. :D


Last week I saw an interview with Michelle Obama where she said her 10 year old says there must be a Santa because there is no way her parents would buy her such good stuff. :D

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hello Mrs claus:


Barry is making so many kids happy during christmas time. I am happy that you are going to be pampered by your parents when they visit you. I know my mom still treats me like her baby.




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Well Mrs. Claus I think that is just super that you have a transformation in your household each year Whoohoo!!!


You''ll need to get out Sasha's antlers so she get her share of the attention.


I hope you have a terrific visit with your folks - how neat.

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You have overdone yourself!! Decorations up and all already and over the river and thru the woods to kathy and barry's house they all come! They know the way because kathy's hospitality is more than okay!!


That's it for rhyming. Have a good time with your folks. It won't be easy if they are in their world and don't acknowledge yours. Just remember it's not about you. Keep your every-ready smile :D on your face and have some holiday cheers . Hugs, Leah

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Miss Kathy,

As I began sporting my reindeer and santa socks I thought I know I'm not the only geek who wears seasonal socks. I'm sure my friend up in Boston has trees on her toes. I tried to talk John into a 4' tree to put on a table next to the fireplace. From outside who'd know and who cares? but that would be too easy and how then could you complain about being overworked?

I'm happy you're all decorated and set to enjoy the season. Don't lop that arm off on me. We still have cyber CIT planned to do together and it doesn't work unless you have 2.



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Appreciate that table top tree. Yesterday Yul Gibbons decided wouldn't it be nice instead of using the artificial prelit and infusing smell with a wreath, wouldn't it be fun to search out and cut down a tree? Ummmm NO Need I even mention where I spent yesterday? Schlepping through a tree farm on a 28 degree day is not exactly my idea of a nice day out. I was offered a ride on the tree cart with the hacksawand when in an attempt to maintain some dignity I declined, I was warned try not to trip over the stumps. After returning home and thawing because I have such core strength and balance, my assistance was enlisted to hold up the tree as it was mounted in the stand. As I did I thought surely there must be some Christmas tree karmic zap. But what? And then as he strung the last box of LED lights that he just had to have I heard it. These lights have no shunts. One goes out the whole string goes. There it was tree karma $200 worth of lights down the drain because all they are now are a sore point as he anticipates the demise of his tree with the poof of one small bulb. just walked passed grumbling...just have to make it throught the next 3 weeks.

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