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the parental unit visit




my mom and dad left yesterday after a 8 day visit. it rained for 6 of the days so we really just hung out. my

parents are both 81 and they took the train from colorado to come visit. my dad said they wanted to try something

new! dad is having problems walking and my mom...this kills me.....is in a brain fog. dad is really doing most things for her. so we chatted, looked at pictures and i introduced them to wii. we also took some drives, in the rain, to look at the shore and christmas lights. the first two days they were here i was so stressed, i just kept going in the bathroom and crying. my dad believes i should be working....he said several times "i looked okay" to him. sound familar? mom told me i needed to loose some weight (she is right, but gee) then things and I settled down.


connor came to visit and they were taken with their great great grandson. it was a good visit all in all and i feel blessed to still have them in my life...it was great to get our bed back cause sleeping on our pull-out was torture.


we have two holiday shindigs to go to this year.....life has slowed down. we have two very elderly ladies in our condo group and my neighbor barb and i are having a lovely time being secret santas to them. barry and i also did our yearly dress a doll...who is really a child. we choose a teen-ager this year. on her list was toothpaste, socks and hair shampoo. they give you sizes and color choices and we did from undies to coat.we are so very lucky and it is hard to realize what children do without or how many go to bed hungry every night. anyhow, off my bandstand. it was fun to do...


it is getting ready to snow here and i am considering a late afternoon nap. hope to see everyone at our party on friday night! :bouncing_off_wall:



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you'll see me at the party good Lord willing and the creek don't rise. Don't just like those visits where you have to give up your bed??? One more reason among many why I bought a 4 bedroom house. Still can't believe we had 28 bodies in here during hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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Paul and I took an Amtrak trip in April, 2004 from Colorado to Florida. We had a compartment that was about as big as our main bathroom - no kidding. And we had our own private toilet. I would climb into the upper bunk (at 70 years old). We had a blast. I had my stroke in January, 2005 and now I am in a wheelchair.


It is good your parents can still travel. Sorry your Dad doesn't understand about stroke. but I am glad you had the visit.


I will be at the party.



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Kathy, we had the problem of "why doesn't Ray work" early in his stroke life. He is apple cheeked like you, has a lovely complexion and a smiling face, in other words he looks so healthy! What people don't understand is the deficits they CAN"T see. Now with his wobbly walk and obvious deficits, memory loss etc no-one asks anymore.


I'm glad you had the visit from your parents. Your poor Dad is in denial and we know all about that too as one of Ray's sisters thinks I should "leave Ray home alone, go back to work and get off the pension" I heard that back through one of Ray's cousins but it sure sounds like her. Believe me I would have done all of that if it had been possible but right from the first he was subject to falls, needed someone in the house all the time etc.


Have a lovely serene Christmas season, enjoy your Connor and the rest of your family.



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I'm glad that all went well with your folks visiting. I'm sure it was mixed blessings that you felt after they left. You have your room and bed back plus peace of mind. Let's blame your parent's comments on their age and not insensitivity.


Our little Santa is quite busy isn't she. I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate you and your neighbor's thoughtfulness.


See you at the shindig.

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Hi Kathy,


We and other familys from Kaths work do the same but we are given a family to look after. Yes it's sad and I can't understand how people can have so little at Christmas. We got them all gifts, enough food to feed them for a month.

Kids with no winter boots "Here", we rectified that quick. As well they needed the normal things like socks, toothbrush, etc. Unfortunately because of the financial problems in both of our our countrys, I can see it getting much worse for the working poor unfortunately.


I'll see you at the party, I'll bring the shortbread ;)

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Hi Kathy: I am glad you survived your company. I'm sure the hardest thing for you was to not have your parents share in your current life. My mother died the year before my stroke. She had alzheimers and I know she wouldn't have understood at all. She would think I was just fine...forever her little girl. I am scaling down this holiday but thankfully I'm over my cold and am looking forward to doing some holiday things tomorrow on "my day off"!! I will mark my calendar for the Friday "bash". I have only been to one large chat so I think I'll "listen" . Hugs, Leah

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