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Hello my name is Bart




I my name is Bart and Im a stroke survior. I am powerless over my stroke and turned over my will to God. What my new path I take will be in His hands I have asked that He help with all my decissions. I ask that His will be done. I also asked for help with memorey and spilling. Tommrow I go for the heart repair. "It be alright". Kelly my wife her sister and my brother will be there. They all have been there from the start. My cheering squad my shoulder my spiritual guidence my nurse caregiver and the love of my life the reason to be will be there with Him what could wrong ? See you when I get back. I want thank you all for surport and kindness Later.


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you will be in my thoughts and prayers for your tomorow's heart surgery. may God guide surgeon's hands in successful surgery.having great family support is huge plus in your recovery. please come back & update us as quickly as possible





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