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Time flies

Susan M



Jackie's Xmas eve outing was cancelled. The Friday before she decided she could transfer herself from her chair to bed and she broke her affected leg. She now understands, or at least i hope she does, her limitations as far as safe transfer goes. She has a beautiful purple cast.


Her insurance coverage maxed out and we have moved from the rehab unit to a long term care floor Friday after Xmas. We were both stressed about the change. We bonded with the staff and they with us and change is always difficult. However - she seems to like the new room and the staff have been great to her.


Speech continues to improve and her spirits continue to rise. The day of the move she was a bit agitated and I exhausted all the questions I knew except the one I did not want to ask. And when I asked her if she wanted to know why we weren't just going home - that was the one and I hate it. We talked. I assured her I was doing what I could. I decided the next day to include her in on what it would take to bring her home in the condition she was in right at the moment. I sat next to her and wrote a list of the required house renovations, the equipment, the "consumables", medications needed and what I thought she would need for home care aides. I interjected throughout this the research I have completed and the knowledge I have gained. I asked her if this all scared her and it did - I was afraid of that - and I let her know that I was not. I assured her that I have been all over this and it was really ok. It seemed to give her some reality checks on the level of her needs but at the same time some comfort that I was "on it". We now have the list and can look at it together and plan together. I was not sure I was doing the right thing by going thru this "exercise" with her but I am now. She gets it. I think it has given her some motivation too. I bought her some light weights to exercise her arm and she has eagerly started this. She is trying to eat food. She wants to resume her PT. She seems to be more active and eager to work at her recovery. Good things



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Susan, you have a very sensible approach to all this and I commend you for it. In the 4 1/2 months Ray was in hospital and rehab after his two major strokes in 1999 I did what you are doing, planned and executed all the work that would be needed to bring him home.


Of course I found later that in some ways I had not forseen how much care he needed but that was okay and we made some adjustments. At this point he has been home 9 years and almost three months so I must have done some things right!


Just keeping Jackie in the loop without weighing her down with details is the best.



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I always look forward to your blogs. I am sorry that Jackie broke her leg but good thing is it's her affected leg so hopefully she will get PT for it & it will turn out to be good thing. again I remember my story good luck bad luck who knows. There are no accidents in life & have faith that everything is working out for best. I like your systematic planning of what it will require to bring Jackie home. Though remember this more Jackie will do it for herself. lesser things will be required at home. I used to dread changes in my complacent life but I found out if I am open to these changes then they are not that scary they are just different.



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Things for Jackie are moving right along. Change can be difficult even without stroke being involved. You two are planning together and facing change together as a "team" Keeping her motivated is a key ingredient in her recovery along with the love you share.


God Bless

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