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Im a loser, I feel crap, the pain sucks, I suck, Im depressed and just hurt the one I love, the meds dont work, the drs give the run around, they dont give a crap, I cant stand it. Everyday I sit and type the spelling does not get better, the typing does not get easier or get better. It seems all I do is fail. No Im good at hurting my wife. Shes a great person and Im a loser. Its hard to be happy or positive when whatever you is a major ordeal and you suck at it. Ask me a question but wait for the answer Im sure Im wrong. The night is falling I hope my prayers are answered.



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Chin up, ok? You're not a loser and you don't wanna feel like crap cos crap is awfully smelly. There are good days as well as bad ones. The bad ones do become less over time - honest. My rth anniversary is tomorrow New Year's Day.


I have realized (dang I'm a slow learner at times lol) that if I allow the smelly stuff in life to get to me (especially if I forget to flush the pity pot) it over-flows and makes a bigger mess all around me.


Try to look at it as tomorrow is another day - this day shall pass- and you will prevail through it all. Honest.

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hi bart,

hey, we all have those times when most everything looks black. give yourself a break. you are not a loser, but a survivor who is doing the best he can! okay, now we are facing a new year....flush the pity pot and keep working on your recovery journey. we are here for you and we do understand! you can do this! kathy

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