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Trout Season Again




Seems like last week, but we're back to winter trout fishing. Sam was fired up, so I got everything ready to go on thursday night. Alarm goes off at 4 am. I hit snooze, but she pokes me in the ribs. "Get up! We're going NOW!" Drag my butt out of a nice warm bed, hit the coffee pot, turn on the radio. Radio guy says it's 34 degrees and cloudy. OK. I get her up, dressed, make the eggs and toast. Put on her snow pants, boots, sweatshirt, down jacket, wooly hat, and gloves. Thermos is full of hot coffee, and off we go.


Get to the lake, still dark. Get her in the chair, she holds the rods. Now its a hike down the path, pushing her, trying not to hit the roots and holes. Finally get to "our" spot and set up. Hooks baited, lines out, we wait. 7 am.


Yep! Fish are there!! We managed to get 6 rainbows. All were right at 13" each. Stayed until 2pm. Nice day, cloudy, but no wind. Temp hit 45, but it was comfortable.


Came home, cleaned them up, and baked 3 of them with onions, Italian seasoning, and garlic. Steamed broccoli and carrots. Fried up some mushrooms, too.


Gave it a day off, but the truck is loaded again, so we'll be out in the morning. 4 o'clock just comes too quick!! I LOVE IT!!!





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Wow, rainbow trout...yum. Ray's first district as a Fisheries Officer was a trout district. We didn't catch them ourselves but we had friends who used to swap us fish for eggs, a wonderful arrangement in the trout season.


I like the way you cooked them, the aromas and flovours would be wonderful.



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Its 20 yrs since fly fishing, got a good friend who Im going with this spring. Even have the fly tieing supplies out. Gonna try to tie a fly. Love saying that I was rehab and it was discussed between my friend and therapist. Good therapy they said. Im excited about going on the river. You have insired me to try to tie a fly I was pushing it off I dont know if I am ready.

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