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Some days are sure better than others

Susan M



Jackie has settled onto her new floor, new room and new staff. She seems ok with the change. We both are. This staff sees her as someone who has the possibility to get home and this has had a great impact on Jackie. We have arranged for her to get a mug of soup at lunch and dinner because her appetite is returning and this tastes good to her. She has been in the cast for 3 weeks and PT resumed yesterday


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I enjoy your blogs. you know survivors thrive due to unbelievable angels caregivers. I hate to call my husband my caregiver but I know in the begining going through insurance driving me to dr. appts & making sure our son's care does not get jeopardized in the midst of my stroke saga, he must have felt overwhelmed but he never complained once, he never even came on this site to compare notes. his strong spirituality got us that hurdle of our life. he used to tell me when I will throw fit of crying & I didn't sign up for this. he used to tell me just keep faith & keep your head above water, together we will get through this. & I am happy to say that we survived that period & doing wonderful as a couple, as a parents as a family. he is my angel in disguise.

that's why I had told you b4 also that when light within me was flickering, his inner strength held me up. & now my light is back so we are back to couple who fights get mad & enjoy life. I too pray that Sue stick with our site since I learn what I can do more to help my caregiver by reading her blogs







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