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What a day!



I sit here this morning. I am just soaking up the peace and quiet. Today is a brand new day, yesterday is over, the sun went down, the sun came up. The energy level of the house is at a quiet hum. They are all still in bed asleep.THANK GOD!!!!!

This week my kids are home from school on break. Yesterday was a day that pre stroke would have had me over the edge. Post stroke, it wiped me out.

It all started out ok enough, coffee and a smoke on the deck, soaking up the sun, listening to the birds sing. Then I came inside, got on the computer, went into chat( Allan's international chat, usually I'm the only one he has to talk to) Well, it was a good crowd, so I'm involved, typing like a speed demon, in walks my son's friend and his mother. Damn, I'm in my jammies. I forgot I had said Emil could stay here for the day, ok quick break from chat, conversation going 90 miles an hour, she leaves in a hurry to go to work. Everything seems to be happening at a frantic pace. Frantic paces I don't do well anymore. I once thrived on a frantic pace.OK, so I leave chat, make a phone call. My 7 year old is having a hissy fit cause my son has a friend over and she has no one to play with.Yeah yeah, that's life. So the boys, my son and his friend go out to play basketball. I jump in the shower. I have shampoo in my hair, my daughter comes screaming into the bathroom, Petey got out and ran away! Petey is my Pomeranian and my baby. We have the wireless invisible fence for him. So as every survivor knows there is no such thing ass rushing anymore. I'm trying to rush and get the shampoo rinsed out of my hair. I'm trying to rush and dry off and get dressed. Put the underwear on, dammit they're backwards, take em off, try it again. Put my pants on both legs are in the rright pant leg. take em off try again, got it stand up wquick- ohhh head rush, get my balence back, go down the stairs slowly. Get outside.... all is quiet not a kid to be found. Suddenly all three of them appear from different diewctions, they've been out combing the village looking for Petey. My daughter is quick to give up my son's friend that he let Petey out. He's looking everywhere but at me and he's scuffing the ground with the toe of his sneaker too. Off they go again to find Petey. I see this shape barrelling across the back yards- 4 of them..... it is Petey! Petey comes up the deck stairs and Petey is just covered in a black thick god awful smelling stuff. He either found an open septic tank or a swamp, cause he was ripe. So I made the boys give him a bath, and then peel potatos so I could make potato salad. They even cut the potatos up and put them in water. I cooked them, made the potato salad. Man, I needed a nap badly by then. My daughter now wants to make brownies and asks if her 4 cousins who are all boys can come over today. I saidNo! I've had enough kids, I'm threw, finished, I'm not dealing with anyones kids. Emil's dad is here to pick up Emil, whew! goodbye, oh yeah by the way I yelled at your son today, hope you don't mind the boys deserved it. Shut the front door, breathe a sigh of relief. Go back to the kitchen..... back to the diva's demands. Then the spouse gets home. oh great. Then someone walked in the front door, helloooo? Anybody home? It is the tutor for my daughter an hour and a half early, so things speed up again. Before I know it it is 8, I'm going into chat. I'm clock watching, I'm exhausted I want to sleep.

I leave around 9 and I flop into bed. Thank god the day is over.


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Geez Pam, I felt my stress level go up just reading that. I also don't react well to chaos. You did very well handling all of it. The Petey thing alone would have had me freaking out if it had been my Peppy. I'm sending you a relaxing sedate day, full of peace and quiet. May not get there until the kids are back in school though.

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I get tired out just reading about motherhood routines. I'm not sure I would have been up for the job, had I had the opportunity. One thing you can say is that your life is never dull.



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i too got tired when i read that pam. it seems that i can't stay ahead either. daily life is more exhaustive now for me than ever before. i feel like that the people in my life expect me to be superwoman, like i used to be, and it's just not in me anymore!!!!


i hope today is less hectic for you!!!!



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