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9P.m. close to bedtime



I'm ready to shut the computer off. Today was a better day then yesterday.My son went for the day to one friends house then went over night to anothers at 7:30. The two people that my daughter invited over can't come for various reasons and I'll admit it, I'm glad. You know I always thought I'd never have kids, never wanted them, never pictured myself as a mom. Well as these things happen, I changed my mind, had the desire to have kids. Pre stroke I did alot for and with my kids, but now, I don't have the energy level or the patience for the whole routine. I don't find the kid from next door even remotely cute, he comes around me and immediately it is like someone just scratched their fingernails down a black board, the hackles raise on my neck, I feel myself growling, I tell him why don't you go home? Then he jumps up and down in front of me and smugly tells me what he will and will not do. Well I don't believe in the school of thjought that a kid can tell me what he'll do. His mother is creating this bratty monster, she's too permissive. So this is the bundle of joy my daughter wants to spend the night. I am adamant, I don't want to hear his whining demanding voice first thing in the morning before I've consumed my pot of coffee.

This kid will come into the kitchen when dinner is cooking and tell me he is hungrey he's staying for dinner. I tell him, no you're not, you don't live here, you live next door, go home if your hungry. I do wish the door would hit him on the way out. He is an only child and man is he spoiled. I think of the discipline I gave my kids at his age, and I wonder if she's going to wait till hes about 16 or so?

So enough about that screeching whiny brat. So far no one is coming over tomorrow. It is supposed to rain, I'm sure the diva will be bored. But I am going out saturday night. I will need it after this week. I'm going to the VFW.

Cinder, there may be some biker types, want to go? wicklaugh.gif Theres plenty enough time to hop in your car and come east to make it here in time. You're in one of the "I" states, it's a day day and a half drive. You can sleep here.


PS.. Cinder, forget the spandex!


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I have finally got out of the house without my caregiver. Went over my girlfried house Wow. Wow because her grandkids and their parents live with her. I haven't been around kids over a year, active and reminds me that what I,m not able to do now I'll learn it all over. My girlfriend wanted to go out to lunch and shop. (Get away from the kids) But I had Fun watching the kids, and a great day out without my caregiver, meaning giving us a break away from each other.

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I'm giving blood again this weekend, so I can't party with you and the bikers. However, as we all know, YOU were the spandex wearing ringleader the last time.


I hope you have a good time Pam, live vicariously for me.

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sad.gif I thought you guys we're coming to the party on Saturday night. Pam - you we're seated next to the birthday boy. ! Oh well, you can both go to and have a virtual beer instead.


Pam - the best thing about having teenagers is... eventually they move out!


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Ooops Cinder, we scewed up! Ha! Guess your not giving blood this weekend.


Psst... I don't wear spandex! It isn't found in this girls wardrobe, must be someone else you're thinking of.

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